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Armor King

Armor King fights as a typical pro wrestler. His style is quite aggressive - especially in comparison to King, who uses very similar attacks. The arsenal of this fighter doesn’t have techniques with very complicated inputs, so even beginners can enjoy playing Armor King.Know more


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Character abilities


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


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There are two professional wrestlers with a similar appearance - both wear a jaguar mask. One of them calls himself Armor King, and he has a shiny metal outfit. The other guy is King, who fights mostly to get money for his orphanage. 

The similarity in style made the fighters enemies - but only for a while. During one of their initial fights, Armor King lost his eye, and soon he started losing his popularity. Eager to defeat King, the man also enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament. After an intense match, Armor King is defeated, but surprisingly this battle changed the relationships of rivals. They became friends. 

When financial difficulties burdened King to the level of despair, Armor King supported his friend in any possible way. He persuaded King to stop drinking and prove his skills at another Tekken tournament. Alas, everything ended tragically - Ogre killed King.

Still, a new fighter took the same name - King II. He was a boy from King’s orphanage. The first fights for him were disastrous, so Armor King met the guy and started teaching him effective techniques. The mentorship was successful, but it didn’t last long. In a bar brawl, Craig Marduk killed Armor King.

The story with two Kings repeats and the game gets another Armor King. The brother wants to avenge, and he wears the same costume. Armor King II desperately tries to defeat Marduk, but their fights usually end with severe injuries for both participants.

First Appearance: Tekken, December 1994


  • King

Allies & Family: 

  • King
  • Craig Marduk