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Kunimitsu is a name taken by mother and daughter. Perhaps the latter will be able to complete the life long mission of the former. After decades of being away from the King of Iron Fist, Kunimitsu is backKnow more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Kunimitsu matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Fahkumram56 %32
Feng55 %31
Katarina77 %22
Kunimitsu50 %20
King53 %17
Leroy41 %17
Steve50 %16
Geese54 %13
Julia31 %13
Akuma20 %10

Kunimitsu matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:



18-14 (56%)

Best vs:



4-0 (100%)

Worst vs:



0-4 (0%)

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Character abilities

  • Evasiveness: 7

  • Combo Damage: 6

  • Mobility: 8

  • Wall Carry: 8

  • Throw Game: 5


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A petty thief early in her life, Kunimitsu eventually made her way into the infamous Manji clan, where she honed her deception and thievery skills. Although she followed the clan’s creed to take from the rich and give to the poor, she would eventually begin stealing from the clan and keeping loot to herself. This behavior brought the ire of the clan’s leader, who eventually kicked her out.

Kunimitsu then made a living working on air conditioner units until she heard of a valuable treasure - a pendant that Heihachi Mishima sought that was protected by Michelle Chang. With this news, Kunimitsu made her way to the King of Iron Fist Tournament and attempted to get the pendant, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

After returning to her grandparents' home, she learned that the Yoshimitsu, the sword held by the entity of the same name, was a priceless relic that the Manji family had been attempting to replicate generations. Kunimitsu then chooses to join the King of Iron Fist Tournament again to get ahold of the weapon, but she would fail once more.

Humiliated again, Kunimitsu retired from her life of fighting and thieving, finally settling down and forming a family for over twenty years, and raising a daughter. Kunimitsu still taught her daughter all she had learned in her life, including her thieving and fighting skills. Eventually, her offspring would take on the name Kunimitsu and seek to do right by her mother, as she grew ill with age, and capture Yoshimitsu’s sword.


Loyal and loving to her family, Kunimitsu dedicated herself to her shinobi training, taking up her mother's Manji Ninja Arts as the main template for her fighting style. After eventually surpassing her mother, she took up her mother's title, admiring her, and became a phantom thief, pilfering various high-stake items for high-class clients to give her family funds for a comfortable life. When her mother fell ill, she learns of the phantom sword Yoshimitsu, the legendary blade her great-grandfather desired to replicate, but could not attain as her mother was defeated by Yoshimitsu. Determined to make her mother happy, she seeks the very sword her mother coveted.


Kunimitsu is a ninja who wields a kodachi and a tanto (akin to her mother who used a kunai). She has long black hair with a full fringe streaked with red and purple, and a high ponytail with the tips also dyed with red and purple highlights. She has purple eyeshadow and two purple-red markings under each of her eyes, typically representing kitsune fox spirits. She has gray eyes and also appears to have a similar beauty mark on her chin as her mother, although hers is on the right side of her lip.


Kunimitsu plays similarly to her mother, but more advanced, as she wields two weapons. Her Rage Art has her stabbing her opponent with her kodachi in quick succession as both her knife and her kodachi are now embedded with both normal and blue flames. Multiple slashes to her opponent deal heavy damage.

Kunimitsu is a great rushdown character who can control the space with her qcf1 and qcf1+2 if her opponent tries to sidestep. qcf1 itself being one of the best projectiles and whiff punishers in Tekken history due to its infinite range and speed. Her mixup potential is strong with numerous ways to enter FC. She also has a good rage drive due to its ability to re-wall splat.

The combination of being an easy-to-use character with a strong mix-up game and amazing space control make Kunimitsu a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Fighting Style

Kunimitsu II fights using ninjutsu.

Key Information:

Origin: Japan (she abandoned her nationality)

Age: Unknown

Fighting style: Manji Ninjutsu

First Appearance: Tekken, December 1994 (mother), Tekken 7, March 2015 (daughter)

Availability: DLC Character