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The Jack project was supposed to be a superweapon in the hands of the USSR. A mass-produced fighter capable of overturning governments. As time went on and the Russian Forces discontinued the Jack Project, it slowly became a robotic oddity. one of many in the Tekken universe.Know more


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As Jack is a robot prototype, there have been multiple throughout the decades. It started with Jack as a weapon’s platform for the USSR to participate in the King of Iron Fist to stop Kazuya and Heihachi from doing a world coup d’etat.

Jack-2 was a mass-produced model that participated in Russia’s germ warfare. One model defied its programming and defected the army alongside an infected girl named jane. That same unit would join the King of Iron Fist tournament to free Dr. Bosconovitch, its designer, to ask him to turn him into a human man.

After unsuccessfully freeing Dr. Bosconovitch, Jane attempts to restore Jack-2. While working on him, she finds out that parts of its AI were developed by a Mishima Zaibatsu subsidiary and a project called “Gun Jack.” After infiltrating a Mishima base and recovering the materials and schematics needed, she successfully implemented the project and had Jack-2 a pivot gun.

Jack-4 was another mass-produced model that included a self-destruct system and was used to fight Heihachi. Jane then took a Jack-4 model and developed a Jack-5, which she entered in the King of Iron Fist Tournament to test his potential. This particular model’s performance caught the G-Corporation eye, who contacted Jane to create Jack-6 and enter it into the next King of Iron Fist.

The G-Corporation then expanded their efforts to create a weapon capable of overcoming the defenses of Mishima Zaibatsu. As such, they now had two departments. One was tasked with creating Jack-7, and another experimenting with a new type of bioweapon called Gigas. Both were entered into the King of Iron Fist tournament to find which project would be continued.

First Appearance: Tekken, December 1994

Allies & Family

  • Jane, since Jack-2
  • Dr. Bosconovitch