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Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe is a girl who wanted to become a model. One day a bandit came to the office where she worked. He began to beat her colleagues, but then she blocked his way. Lucky Chloe blocked his path and offered a bet that he would become a dance group member if she defeated him. And lucky girl won.Know more


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Character abilities


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


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Once in childhood, Lucky Chloe came with her parents to a Japanese exhibition. After that, probably due to meeting a beautiful girl at this show, Lucky Chloe wanted to be a model. She chose a beautiful costume for herself, learned to dance, and began touring. Lucky Chloe became famous on the Internet, so she was offered to become the official face of Corporation G

She participated in advertising shootings. It is worth saying that Lucky Chloe was not comfortable because the modeling and show businesses are challenging. Optimism helped her succeed. She always tried to keep a slight smile on her face, despite the problems and challenging times. This is how Lucky Chloe managed to achieve success. 

She became a fighter unexpectedly for herself. Once a bandit broke into the office building where she was. He attacked Lucky Chloe's colleagues, and this girl always stood up for her loved ones. Lucky Chloe is a clever girl and didn't want to only beat her opponent.

She offered him a contract that her rival will change into whatever costume she wants if Lucky Chloe wins. After a short and quick fight, Lucky Chloe was victorious. She decided to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournament for PR and as an official representative of Corporation G.


First Appearance: Tekken 7, March 2015


  • Eddy
  • Jack-7

Allies & Family

  • Lei Wulong, her big fan
  • Kazuya Mishima, her employer
  • Her mom and dad