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Brazilian Eddy Gordo is a loyal man, of principles. And seeking revenge for the death of his beloved master.Know more


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Eddy Gordo had a bright future ahead of him thanks to being the son of Brazil's wealthiest man. As fate would have it, he found his father dying after someone broke into their home after coming back from school. Eddy's father made many enemies due to his father's work to dismantle a country's drug cartel. In his dying moments, he instructed Eddy to confess to the murder and hide in prison for his safety.

Eddy Obliged his father's wish. He made acquaintances with a capoeira master in prison after seeing him defend himself in a riot. Eddy then mastered the martial art and, once out of jail, set out to compete in the King of Iron Fist 3 tournament to take control of Mishima and used their resources to take revenge on the drug cartels that killed his father.

Later, Eddy would visit his old master in jail in an attempt to break him out. While doing so, he learned of his grave condition, one which doctors estimated would lead to his death in six months. Eddy and his master's granddaughter Christie Monteiro joined the King of Iron Fist 5 to win and use Mishima to find a cure.

After the tournament, Jin Kazama approached Eddy to offer him another way to save his old master, joining the Tekken force. By doing so, he promised Eddy to push for a cure for his master's condition. He agreed to do it. But even that was not enough to save his master's life, and soon after his passing, Eddy would leave the Tekken force and resume his search for his father's killers.


First Appearance: Tekken 3, March 1997


  • Kazuya Mishima

Allies & Family

  • Christie Monteiro
  • His master