Super Akouma

  • Vincent Homan
  • CRaZY Esport
  • France

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Birthday : Dec 30, 1996 (24)
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 Vincent "Super Akouma" Homan is a professional Tekken player and amateur graphic designer from France, currently playing for CRaZY Esports.

Super Akouma started playing Tekken with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Despite common misconceptions, he's not a Street Fighter player and didn't call himself after Akuma. At some point, he needed a PSN name and wanted to use the name of Dragon Ball character - Super Kami Guru. As it was taken, he had to find something similar and landed on Super Akouma.

Before great Pakistani players were introduced to the Tekken scene in 2019, Super Akouma was basically the only one who represented the character in professional play. The highlight of his performance with the character is the amazing comeback during The MIXUP 2019 tournament, where on a last pixel of health, he performed an incredibly damaging, high execution combo while playing against Chikurin. That match alone brought a lot of attention to Akuma's strength and demands to nerf the character. 

Super Akouma's other impressive results include taking the first place at Tekken Grand Battle 2019, where he beat CherryBerryMango, first place at Clash of the Olympians 2019 and Berlin Tekken Clash VII. His dominant performance when fighting Tekken's top brass, marked him as one of the very best players in Europe.

In 2019 he also traveled to Pakistan, to train with Pakistani players and improve his skills, similar to how Knee did the same after being beaten by Arslan Ash. More recently, he won 1st place in EVO 2021 ONLINE - Tekken 7 Europe West.

You can find him on Twitter and Twitch.