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Hussain "Gosain" Shah is a Tekken player from the United Kingdom. He has competed in several tournaments including:
  • 2021: As1 Arena - Oct 2 (3rd), No Bars (5th), ICFC TEKKEN EU, Red Bull Gaming Sphere London: Online - #4 (7th), TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021: West Europe Online Masters (9th),
  • 2020: Coolshop GGW (3rd).
  • 2019: Brussels Challenge Major Edition (13th), Fighting Games Challenge (3rd), London Practice Quarters Warriors (1st), ROXnROLL Tekken Dubai (17th), Takra Cup 2019 (49th), Tekken Team Tournament 2 (2nd), TWT - CLASH OF THE OLYMPIANS (9th), VSFighting 2019 (9th), WSO Open: Tekken 7 Dojo event @ Red Bull Gaming Sphere (9th).
  • 2018: Celtic Throwdown 2018 (9th), ELF @ PLAY Expo 2018! (3rd), MBA WARRIORS REBORN (2nd), RedBull Revolver: The 3D Edition! (7th), Rumble at the Sphere (3rd), Summer Jam 12 (17th), TEKKEN World Tour 2018 Online EU West (7th).