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WinnerStaysOn Open: UK Players Fight for World Tour Points

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WinnerStaysOn: UK Players Fight for World Tour Points
This local event had community DBFZ Tenkaichi and Tekken 7 Dojo tournaments

WinnerStaysOn Open was an offline event in London. It highlighted two games, and it’s interesting to see who managed to improve their position in the World Tour Global standings.

DBFZ at WinnerStaysOn Open

This tournament gave us another chance to see how pro players have adapted to the newest patch for this pretty short period of time (around the same time, the US players tested their DBFZ teams at the Summer Jam 2023).

The previous big Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, VSFighting XI, also happened in the UK. One of the local players had an amazing run and really was close to winning and getting a spot in the Global Finals. OBAssassin eventually lost to Yasha.

Sure, a Tenkaichi tournament is not your Power event. But here, OBAssassin proved himself to be the best in Britain and got some DBFZ World Tour points — after making it to the Grand Final through Losers and resetting the brackets in a pretty close match vs Tokz.

1. OBAssassin

2. Tokz

3. plug

4. Jads

5. Suiruuydan

5. whyte

7. Herculian

7. Tyrant

Tekken 7 at WinnerStaysOn Open

This tournament gave Gosain a chance to shine.

At VSFighting XI, the player reached 5th place. WSO Open Dojo brought Gosain a better result, even if that wasn’t an easy walk too. The victory came after falling to Losers in the Semi and resetting the Grand Final.

1. Gosain

2. Niam Raeb

3. Chickenmaru

4. Dinosaur

5. Sensei Salam

5. Asim

7. Sellot

7. Arsenegbenga

As for bigger World Tour tournaments, let’s keep an eye on upcoming CEOtaku 2023 for a DBFZ Power event and on REV MAJOR 2023 for a Tekken 7 Master event.

Do you like community fights in an unusual format? The don’t miss Tekken Team Battle Takedown, organized by SpiraNick

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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