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DBFZ at VSFighting XI: Break the Momentum

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DBFZ at VSFighting XI: Break the Momentum
Do you change your team for the current meta or stick to the previous characters?

If a Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament happens somewhere around Europe, it’s pretty natural to see many French players participating in it — especially if it’s a Power event of the DBFZ World Tour. The game is super popular in France (shoutouts to Wawa), and the competitors are hunting for the precious league points.

French players could not get the topmost place at Evo 2023. Did they manage to do so at VSFighting XI in the UK?

DBFZ at VSFighting XI | Stream, Top 8

OBAssassin looked incredibly powerful in the Top 8 part. He has changed his team (say, in comparison to the DBFZ World Tour Global Finals 2022/2023) and did not lose even one single game during his run to the Grand Final.

On the Losers side, Yasha played for his legendary team. And he had to defeat three fellow French to make it to the Grand Final. The match vs Noka was especially tough — with a clutch by Noka and Adult Gohan (see the clip below in this post). But while fighting against WADE and Kayne (the Grand Finalists of VSFighting X), Yasha kind of unleashed his true power.

DBFZ at VSFighting XI | Stream, Grand Final

OBAssassin’s momentum from the previous matches continued only till game 2. He won the first game super impressively. But Yasha managed to bring his whole experience into this fight — that game 2 was immensely important. Yasha reset the bracket and then lost no game in the decisive match.

OBAssassin tried to switch to his previous team (with Lab Coat and Android 18). Nope, it did not help.

Yasha is the DBFZ Champion at VSFighting XI. Congratulations!

DBFZ Characters at VSFighting XI

7. Noka

7. Willow

5. plug

5. Kasuga


3. Kayne

2 OBAssassin

1. Yasha

Top Moments

However awesome the Barrier by Android 18 is, it did not help Kasuga make this comeback.

The power of Nappa is not enough this time.

One Adult Gohan to defeat the whole team of Yasha? Why not?

The second comeback (with Kid Buu) did not happen for Noka.

The original Assassin performs miracles with Hit on the fighting stage!

Happy Birthday by OBAssassin to kill Android 17.

ToD by OBAssassin.

Yasha is the Champion.

DBFZ World Tour 2023 continues, and the next Power event is REV Major 2023, which happens on September 30-October 01 in the Philippines.

Sure, the league will have many community tournaments, and many of them will happen around Europe. Let the points hunt continue!

For other results of this event, check out our general post about VSFighting XI.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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