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DBFZ Evo 2023 Results: Defeat the Legends!

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DBFZ at Evo 2023: Defeat the Legends!
The Champion faced very powerful opponents and performed two impressive clutches on the path to this victory

The professional Dragon Ball FighterZ scene has been changing significantly throughout the years. Initially, it was tightly connected to the game updates and additions of new characters. Now, we see many players get focused on other titles…

DBFZ got its 4th Evo tournament in 2023. Three previous times, we’ve seen different players reaching the top:

  • SonicFox in 2018;
  • GO1 in 2019;
  • Wawa in 2022.

This year, Wawa participated only in the SF6 tournament. SonicFox and GO1 registered for DBFZ but did not participate (got DQ) — they also play mainly Street Fighter 6 now.

Many really strong DBFZ participants did not reach Top 6 at Evo 2023. Fenritti, LegendaryyPred, Zane, Lucar, Shanks, WADE, Obelisk, Kayne, INZEM — all of them were out after the Top 48 part.  

The competitive community evolves, and new Legends gain power. So, who is the Champion this year?

The stakes are pretty high, as the DBFZ tournament at Evo 2023 is the only Power+ event for the current World Tour — the winner gets 600 points, which is… a lot.

DBFZ at Evo 2023 | Stream, Top 6

In the Semi-Final, Nitro demonstrated the mastery of adaptation — after losing game 1, he eventually defeated Garlic Bread.

Hikari had a bit less trouble playing against Kite. The difficulties for him started in the Winners Final. Nitro got a wonderful start to the match and won two games. It felt like he could reach the Grand Final through the Winners side this time. Nope… Hikari kind of got himself together and won three very close games in a row.

Nitro fell into the Losers to face Yasha. This time, the OG team of Blue Gogeta, Vegito, and Android 17 was even a tougher opponent. With some shaky Gotenks play, Nitro lost 0:3. Yasha proceeded to the Grand Final, Losers side.

It is worth noting how well Gropis played at the tournament. He is the Winner of the PlayStation Road to Evo series, and he defeated such opponents as HookGangGod, LegendaryyPred, INZEM, and Kite.

DBFZ at Evo 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

The Grand Final was a rare chance to witness a DBFZ mirror match. Moreover, it was a clash of two Yasha’s teams — and Hikari had to face the inventor of this synergy, Yasha himself.

The first two games brought a significant advantage for Yasha. It seemed like we could see the bracket reset. Hikari thought differently! He managed to break the opponent’s momentum, even the score, and eventually win the fight.

Hikari is the DBFZ Evo 2023 Champion. Congratulations!

DBFZ Teams at Evo 2023

5. Gropis

5. Garlic Bread

4. Nitro

3. Kite

2. Yasha


Top Moments

Adult Gohan’s Assist is pretty cool, and Android 18 knows how to continue that pressure properly… Or, it is rather Nitro who knows that!

Lab Coat’s amazing block to her Level 3 Super and deadly Happy Birthday.

Golden Frieza moment by Gropis.

Gohan’s Level 5 is good and everything, but Hikari doesn’t let Nitro go any further with this.

Yasha’s happy birthday — to kill Beerus, open Frieza (and KO the Emperor), and clutch this game.

Yasha lands another happy birthday and kills Adult Gohan.

Nitro struggles against Yasha’s team in this tournament. And his Gotenks is too shaky…

DBFZ Evo crowd does it again! With Blue Gogeta this time.

2-touch KO with nerfed Blue Gogeta.

Hikari is the Champion!

The next tournament of the DBFZ World series is VSFighting XI, on August 18.

Evo 2023 has much more fighting esports excitement. Have you seen our recaps of the MK11, Soulcalibur 6, and MBTL tournaments?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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