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CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Android 1869 %13
Android 2169 %13
Super Saiyan Blue Vegito75 %12
Kefla0 %1

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Aaron "Hikari", Halili, formerly known as OmniYellowFlash is a fighting games competitor from AmityNew York, USAHalili's key disciplines are Dragon Ball FighterZ, where they main Goku and Guilty Gear: StriveHikari is also known to play Mortal Kombat 11. Presently, Halili is competing under the nickname "Joffrey."

Hikari made their competitive debut at Shoujou Senshi Senjyou Online! (Guilty Gear Xrd REV2), where they took 25th place. Their following career was more focused on DBFZ and GGS, which Hikari played at such events notable as:

• 2020: Juicy Goes Online - Week # 7 (the 1st place), Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4 Tournament Presented by Draulic (the 2nd place), ZWarrior Wednesday (the 1st place), Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition #24 - Dragon Ball FighterZ (5th place), Hyperbolic Time Chamber: Season 2 Session #1 (the 1st place), Symbiote Series DBFZ EAST COAST (the 1st place). 

• 2021: jOcean #1 (the 1st place), Winter Clash 2021, Wumpa Warriors Cloud Edition XI (the 2nd place), GG Entertainment DBFZ PS4 Online Tournament #3 (the 1st place), TNS DBFZ Parsec #9 (the 2nd place), Playing for Pride 2021 (the 3rd place), Let's Rock V (PC) (5th place), Let's Rock VI (PC) (the 1st place), and others.