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DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024: Global Finals Results

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DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024: Global Finals Results
It’s over, isn’t it?

Throughout the lifespan of Dragon Ball FighterZ, we witnessed rises of different competitive Champions. Many of them already left the game, focusing on other achievements. But the competition continues. Who can be crowned the best DBFZ player after the World Tour 2023/2024?

To be honest, the league was … difficult for the community. The range of tournaments was alright. And the level of participants was absolutely amazing. I will cherish the emotional experience of following this league.

But the communication from developers about the future of DBFZ was not good. We were so excited about the rollback netcode update, and then we had a long silence. Even after the beta testing on Steam, the terms of getting this technology is unknown.

This detail certainly affected how the fighting games community sees Dragon Ball FighterZ. At big events, it has been moved away from the main days (like at Frosty Faustings XVI). The competitors chose other titles, which have ongoing support from developers, such as SF6, GBVS: Rising, and Tekken 8.

Even after the Global Finals of the DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024 being over, we have no clear details on rollback and no announcement of further official competition. We sure get the game on the next-gen consoles, but it’s a move towards the casual audience. Does Dragon Ball FighterZ end its lifespan as a big esports game?

Anyways, let’s not look at the uncertain future. It’s better to enjoy the exciting current moment! The DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024 Global Finals treated us to so many wonderful matches. Let’s dive into them (one more time).

DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024 Global Finals

The event consisted of two parts: Group Stage and Top 8 brackets


The players were divided into 4 groups:

  • Group A Kasuga finished 1st, and Lucar was 2nd. Yasha was out.
  • Group B WADE and Ikoan proceeded to the playoffs from 1st and 2nd places in their group. Garlic Bread finished the competition.
  • Group B — as a group winner, Kayne got a spot in the upper brackets, while Hikari went to the lower ones. OBAssassin was out after the Group Stage.
  • Group DZane was 1st in this group, and INZEM, the LCQ winner, was 2nd. LegendaryyPred finished his run.

It’s what the playoff brackets looked like after the Group Stage.

Top 8

Hikari, the Evo 2023 DBFZ Champion, started this part from the Losers brackets. To stay in the fights, he had to defeat Lucar, Zane, INZEM, and Kayne. That was quite a run!

The Grand Final opponent was WADE. And, no… it was so impossible to defeat Hikari this time. The player reset the bracket and then got a clear 3:0 victory in the decisive match.

Hikari is the DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024 Champion. Congratulations!

DBFZ World Tour 2023/2024 Results 

  • 1. Hikari
  • 2. WADE
  • 3. Kayne 
  • 4. INZEM
  • 5. Zane
  • 5. Kasuga
  • 7. Ikoan
  • 7. Lucar

I personally want to thank the players for this amazing period, with the World Tour and DBFZ esports in general.

May the fun continue! In one form or another.

The upcoming release of Sparking! Zero will give a good opportunity to spend a lot of time fighting in the world of Dragon Ball.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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