• Arnold Lenwood
  • USA

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Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Goku50 %6
Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta50 %6
Super Saiyan Blue Vegito50 %6
Android 2150 %2
Broly50 %2

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Lenwood ''INZEM'' Arnold is an American fighting games player from Raleigh, North Carolina.

As a Dragon Ball FighterZ player INZEM competed and finished 1st in Gamesturz Gauntlet 5 and Degen Duels [1v1], 2nd in City of Mayhem PC DBFZ Tourney 36 and The Degens' Chasm 3 - Tenkaichi Online Challenge Event!, 5th in DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: REGIONAL FINALS USA, 7th in Kells Kitchen Presents: The Cookout (PC) 1 and Wumpa Warriors Cloud Edition XXIII, 9th in The Degens' Chasm - DBFZ WC Event! and 17th in DBFZ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- TENKAICHI ONLINE MASTER CHALLENGE USA EAST.

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