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DBFZ at VSFighting X: Results

3 min

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DBFZ at VSFighting X: Results
Pic Source: Electronic Dojo on Twitter
The World Tour 2022/2023 continues. Who takes the precious points?

We at DashFight just can’t have enough top-level DBFZ matches! It’s been a week since Evo 2022, and we are super excited to see strong players gathering again to have fun and tough matches at VSFighting X.

In a way, this tournament is as interesting as Evo or the World Championship Finals. Why? GO1 himself blessed us with his presence at VSFighting X! We did not have a chance to see him playing Dragon Ball FighterZ after the Regional Finals in Japan.

And you know what? GO1 almost left the tournament after the Top 8 part. First, Kayne sent the legend into the Losers, 2:0. And then GO1 barely defeated Suiruuydan in the last game, 2:1. Probably, his focus is too strong on another game — but pretty successfully, as GO1 won VSFighting X for DNF Duel.

Other well-known players in the Top 8 part are Yasha, the winner of European World Championship Regional Finals, and Wade with Gropis — who are two of the strongest DBFZ players in Europe.

DBFZ at VSFighting X: Top 8

Kayne got a well deserved victory. After 2nd place at Combo Breaker and Top 4 at Evo, the guy finally gets his big tournament victory. Congratulations!

DBFZ Team Compositions at VSFighting X

Point - Mid - Anchor


Hi Kai







Some Cool Moments

In the Winners Semi-Final, Gropis said a powerful goodbye to Lab Coat 21 to stay alive in the match.

Wade demonstrates how to break defense to proceed to the Winners Final.

Kayne makes a great comeback — he defeats three characters of Noka with Tien.

Hit vs Android 17 in the match of OBAssassin vs Yasha.

Hi Kai's Golden Frieza fights for his life in the match vs GO1.

1v1 — Hi Kai's Tien vs GO1's Vegito.

Yasha is super strong in his match vs Noka. Comeback with UI Goku? Not gonna happen!

Gropis wins a game against GO1 without losing a character.

A crazy fight by GO1's Blue Gogeta.

Kayne has Lab Coat, but Wade has Janemba...

Wade’s Lab Coat is also pretty good!

Two Androids 21 Lab Coat, Kayne vs Wade

Kayne returns from a 0:2 situation, kills two characters of Wade with his SS4 Gogeta, and proceeds to the Grand Final.

Yasha attacks two characters of GO1.

Yasha defeats GO1 without losing a character in the final game.

Again, two characters are victims of Yasha. This time in the match vs Wade.

Wade's Hit KOs Yasha's Blue Gogeta and Android 17 to return to his fight against Kayne, in the Grand Final this time.

An amazing start of the Grand Final by Kayne.

One hit on Hit, and Kayne is the Champion.

The next DBFZ World Tour Power event is East Coast Throwdown, planned for September 2-4. Don’t miss it! This esports show should be awesome.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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