Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship Finals: the King of DBFZ

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Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship: Finals
The best players from different regions gathered in Paris to crown one Champion

The Finals event of DBFZ World Championship was postponed only for around half a year, but the game went through so many changes during this period. We witnessed the rise of overpowered Android 21 Lab Coat. We witnessed her ban at a big pro event. And we got movesets of many characters shaken in an attempt to return proper balance into Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The Final matches in Paris are a celebration of the game. Due to the period of online-mostly events, we rarely see players from different regions facing each other. In addition to traditionally dominating Japan, North America, and Europe, the World Championship gave chances to Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East, and Australia.

The Finals event is divided into two parts. First, the participants play in their groups. Two best players in each of the four groups proceed to the Top 8 part. 

DBFZ World Championship Finals | Group Stage, Stream

This part of the tournament was full of super great matches. But to be honest, it did not bring any mind-blowing surprises. Yes, we saw hirohiro defeating Yasha in a match when the Japanese player had no chances in the group, and Yasha fought for his place in the Winners bracket. Or we saw Rptr having excellent rounds against ApologyMan and Jira.

But at the end of the day, every Top 8 player is totally known for their exceptional power in the DBFZ scene — that’s not a surprise. 

Arguably, the biggest hero of the groups is Ikoan, who managed to defeat Wawa himself and grasp the final spot at Top 8, taking it right from Zane's hands.

Let’s check out the Group Stage results!

Group Stage Results

DBFZ World Championship Finals | Top 8, Stream

Literally every match here was absolutely fantastic — just treat yourself to watching them!

Losers Bracket Round 1

The Top 8 part starts with a phenomenal fight between Shanks and Ikoan. And the Japanese player totally proves that his victory over Wawa in the groups wasn’t an accident. He destroys Shanks in Round 1 and shows a mind-blowing comeback in Round 2. Shanks isn’t an easy victim, though. He pushes the match to a 2:2 situation, having a wonderful comeback with Janemba. But Ikoan does not let the opponent repeat that miracle in the last round. 3:2 and Ikoan eliminates Shanks.

Perhaps, Jila was too brave taking Yamcha as a point character for his match against the European Champion, Yasha. Still, he manages to give a very decent fight — in the first two rounds. It feels that these players know each other well and understand what to expect from the opponent. Round 3 breaks that impression! Yasha unleashes his true power and burns down the whole team of Shanks. Yasha wins 3:0.

Winners Semi-Finals

HookGangGood starts his match vs Fenritti exceptionally good — god-like. He wins two rounds in a row, but then Fenritti powerfully returns to the fight. He wins one round super confidently and then demonstrates an incredible comeback with Android 21 Lab Coat in Round 4 (almost no health, against two characters). Probably, this momentum helps Fenritti be the same destructive in the last round. Fenritti wins 3:2 and proceeds to the Winners Final.

However a strong DBFZ player Nitro is, and however great moments he has in this match, Wawa is absolutely unstoppable. Yes, it sometimes feels that now Nitro can have his chance — but in the end, no, he can’t do anything. And this says a lot about the level of Wawa, as Nitro is totally one of the best in the world. Wawa wins 3:0 to play in the Winners Final against Fenritti.

Losers Quarter-Finals

This match wasn’t easy for Nitro. He starts very well, but then Ikoan shows the power of the Japanese DBFZ scene. Every round taken by Nitro can go both ways, but probably the offline experience of the US Champion helps him to get victorious. Nitro wins 3:2.

Don’t look at the bare result of the Yasha vs HookGangGod match — it doesn’t convey the toughness and the back-and-forth spirit of every round. Sure, Yasha is absolutely great, but HookGangGod fights amazingly nevertheless. Yasha wins 3:0 and proceeds to the Losers Semi-Final.

Winners Final

This was a fight between two great Legends! Fenritti almost wins the first round — but that is not easy to do against Wawa, even if the French player has only one character left. An incredible comeback, and Wawa is one round ahead. He doesn’t lose this momentum and gets a confident win in Round 2. Fenritti does everything to make the last round as difficult for Wawa as possible. The fight reaches a 1v1 situation, but Wawa finds an opening in Cell’s defense and wins his spot in the Grand Final. Wawa defeats Fenritti 3:0.

Losers Semi-Final

Nitro was the last hope for the USA in the World Championship. And the guy starts pretty promisingly — he wins the first round super confidently. Then, Yasha proves he is here not to give away the victory that easily. He finds his perfect pace and wins two rounds in a row. Round 4 is such a back-and-forth! It looks like Nitro loses, but he makes a breathtaking comeback with Blueku and brings the fight to the last round. And then… wow! Nitro uses the momentum to destroy the opponent and go to the next round. Nitro wins 3:2. The US hope has a continuation in the Losers Final.

Losers Final

Japan or the USA? There is no simple decision here. Nitro and Fenritti have to fight hard to determine who’s proceeding to the Grand Final. The players exchange rounds with absolutely awesome style. The momentum switches sides a few times, but then Nitro catches his luck, gets a one-round advantage, and doesn't lose this opportunity. Nitro wins 3:1 to play against Wawa again but in the Grand Final this time!

Grand Final

Two best players in the world and two strongest regions — the USA and France continue their never ending fight in the form of the Nitro vs Wawa match.

The task of Nitro is difficult to say the least. To win the Championship, he needs to defeat Wawa in 2 games, 6 rounds.

However hard Nitro tries, he can’t take down even one Wawa’s character in Round 1… and then in Round 2… and even in Round 3, it’s only Wawa who KOs characters of Nitro. 3:0, and Wawa wins the DBFZ World Championship — with no lost match, with no lost game. Incredible!

Congratulations to Wawa, the World Champion and the current King of Dragon Ball FighterZ!

DBFZ World Championship Finals | Top 8, Results

Team Composition at DBFZ World Championship Finals

It’s interesting to check out what characters the best players in the world chose after the most recent patch.

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