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DBFZ Results — Combo Breaker 2022

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DBFZ Results — Combo Breaker 2022
How many Lab Coat Android 21 have you counted?

Combo Breaker this year is such a great event! Yeah, we all miss these amazing offline gatherings — and we enjoy every moment.

Sure, some enjoy it a bit more than the others as they are victorious and successfully proceed to higher levels of the competition. Many excellent Dragon Ball FighterZ players couldn’t make it to Top 48, then to Top 24, and finally to Top 8. It’s fighting esports, baby.

Anyways, the final and the most exciting DBFZ fights of Combo Breaker 2022 are already over. And… man, what fights they were!

DBFZ at Combo Breaker 2022: Top 8 | Stream


Let’s start with arguably the most interesting name in the Top 8 brackets — Zane. This guy came from the online environment and surprised the esports world with his unusual zoning style back in 2021 at DBFZ World Championship Regional Finals. And now, Zane competes in the Winners Bracket of Combo Breaker. Well done!

Alas, the Winners Semi-Final wasn’t really successful for him. LegendaryyPred was much, much stronger.

The second Semi-Final was between two prominent French players, Jila vs Yasha. Somehow, Yasha left no chances to his opponent. That was a very confident victory.

Losers Bracket

With such exceptional players, every match is mind-blowing. Still, some moments are worthy of special mention.

For example, when Nitro already had one character less, he so quickly returned to his usual style that Wade was totally destroyed. Or when HookGangGod unleashed the true power of his Piccolo in the second game against WADE and evaporated the health of Gogeta SS4.

Still, the best moment of the Losers Bracket (and one of the best for the whole tournament) is when Zane makes a miraculous comeback in his match against Nitro. Who could imagine that Beerus is capable of that!

Winners Final

This match kind of reflected the spirit of the NA vs EU competition. Who would proceed to the Grand Finals on the Winners side, French or American?

In general, LegendaryyPred was much stronger! Even if Yasha demonstrated excellent moments, such as his comeback in the 3rd game, it seemed like he had no chances here.

Losers Final

It was a French match. First, it looked like Yasha would return to his fight vs LegendaryyPred. But then, Kayne demonstrated absolute miracles with his Tien in the 2nd game and general might in the 3rd one.

Grand Final

And again, it was NA vs EU. Kayne was rather nervous during this match. He dropped quite a few combos, while LegendaryyPred looked confident and just played his game.

After the first lost game, Kayne decided to change the team. That helped for one game. But then, even returning back to the original team could not save the situation. LegendaryyPred got a well-deserved victory. Congratulations!

DBFZ at Combo Breaker 2022: Top 8 | Results

That was such a good tournament! So, why not remember / watch for the first time matches of the earlier stages? It’s a lot of Android 21 (Lab Coat)... oh, I mean, a lot of top-level DBFZ fights…

DBFZ at Combo Breaker 2022: Pools | Stream

DBFZ at Combo Breaker 2022: Top 48 | Stream

DBFZ at Combo Breaker 2022: Top 24 | Stream

I don’t know about you, guys, but watching all these matches makes me want to stop everything, grab my controller, and delve into DBFZ. The game is such a masterpiece! Let’s hope that the upcoming balance update will make it even better.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the excitement from other dimensions of Combo Breaker 2022! Some tournaments are already over. For example, check out the results of Skullgirls and Brawlhalla.

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