Brawlhalla Results – Combo Breaker 2022

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Brawlhalla Results – Combo Breaker 2022
One of the smaller Brawhalla competitions of the year in one of the biggest stages of the year, its time for Combo Breaker

It is one of the most prestigious events of the year, Combo Breaker. People from all over the world have come to the great city of Schaumburg in Illinois to empower the Fighting Games community. Of which platform fighters are but one part.

Combo Breaker is not an official stop in the Brawlhalla championship for this year, meaning many of the heavy-hitters won't be making an appearance at the event as they are likely preparing for the mid-season invitational later in June. But there were still a handful of the regular players in the game's community tournaments.


Aysurge pulled through a commanding 2-0 lead, but in the matchpoint, IHUNTOPZZ was able to pull through for a match win to bring the score up by one before dropping the fifth match to give the win to Aysurge. As we would later find out, the Best of five series would start one round further, so in the record, it will appear as a 2-0 victory for the Floridian, Aysurge.

On the other side, Xara and StarrGrazer clashed, the latter of which took an early lead off the first match of the series with Kaya before Xara pulled in a match off at the very last moment for the 1-1. However, it was for naught as StarrGrazer pulled through in the final stage and secured a challenging 2-1 victory.


Moving then to the winner finals, and now into the Best of 5 series, Aysurge's Azoth brought in a win early with a quick match, though it was not without some hard sweating as StarrGrazer brought him down to last stock. For match 2 StarrGrazer then jumped into Asuri to put the 1-1 on the board with a clean stock advantage.

Continuing the ping-pong, Aysurge brought it back on match 3, but in the last stock again and likely a hit away from being down one himself. Once again, StarrGrazer pulled it back with Ragnir to take it to a map 5 where he could survive on the back of some small Aysurge mistakes that led to him taking the L and going down lowers.

Grand finals

Here is a little detail, IHUNTOPZZ was not supposed to be in this bracket in the first place. ZIPMasterFlex gave up his spot to him after being put on mic duty for the top 8. This is the story of IHUNTOPZZ, losing in the winner semis and then going on a rampage in the lower bracket to bring it back to Aysurge for the clean 3-0 win and into the Grand Finals proper versus StarrGrazer.

Game one started with a banger from IHUNTOPZZ on his iconic Isaiah blaster and cannons to pick up a lead. The second bout saw StarrGrazer switching back into Ragnir to great effect, getting two full stocks out of his opponent and closing out the equalizer. 

IHUNTOPZZ pulled ahead once again for match 3 on the back of an unforced error by StarrGrazer and headed for the 4th and reset match point the tension was quickly rising. Midway through the match IHUNTOPZZ lost the sauce and dropped a couple of stocks to greedy plays and missed calculations, thus leading to a potential final match.

Map 5 did not start well for IHUNTOPZZ as he was constantly pushed to the outside of the stage and lacked weapon control, pulled it back in the red but was not able to call the first strike of the fight and ended up on par health on the back of some excellent StarrGrazer Katar usage when finally they were both back at 2-2 stocks.

With a clear advantage, StarrGrazer took stock 2 and looked locked in if not for a miss guided overextend that pushed the map to the last stock situation and on par health but StarrGrazer cleaned it up to call himself the Brawlhalla Combo Breaker 2022 champion.

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