DBFZ at CEO 2022: Europe Strikes Back

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DBFZ at CEO 2022: Europe Strikes Back
Pic Source: @CEOGaming on Twitter
Many excellent matches, and absolutely no Lab Coat

We witnessed the previous big esports event, Combo Breaker 2022, only around a month ago, but the difference between those DBFZ matches and the fights at CEO 2022 is enormous. Mostly thanks to her, Annoying 21… I mean Android 21 Lab Coat. Or, to be more precise, thanks to her absence.

Things have shaken significantly from the side of team composition. And it was so nice to see the variety of character choices.

Sure, not only the characters changed. We have a refreshed list of players who reached the Top 8 brackets.

So, let’s take a look at the journey of this tournament — from Top 48 to the Grand Final. 

CEO 2022 | Dragon Ball FighterZ | Top 48 to Top 24

CEO 2022 | Dragon Ball FighterZ | Top 24 to Top 8

If you follow DBFZ esports, you should know most of the names in Top 8. The biggest surprise here is Garlic Bread — CEO 2022 is the first major tournament for this young player, and he managed to reach… Well, you might be interested in watching the stream to discover that.

Many prominent players couldn’t make it to the final part. For example, LegendaryyPred, the winner of Combo Breaker, was stopped in Top 24. He was eliminated by Shanks, but first, it was Garlic Bread who sent the guy into the Losers.

CEO 2022 | Dragon Ball FighterZ | Top 8

Every match in Top 8 was absolutely exceptional! There were lots of wonderful moments. 

Everything started with a perfect round by Wawa against HookGangGod. The second round wasn’t the same easy, but the result was still victorious for Wawa.

Nitro lost the first round of his Winners Semi-Final with almost no chance to do anything. But then, the DBFZ NA Champion managed to catch his wave and win over Kasuga.

Shanks had such a confident run in the Losers Bracket. He defeated Kite, Kasuga, and HookGangGod — with 2:0 in each match.

Garlic Bread defeated Perfección and looked really good against HookGangGod. He almost made a comeback with his Krillin in the very first round of the Losers Quarter-Final. Still, it was his last fight at this tournament. With such a result, it’s worth keeping an eye on this guy!

In the Winners Final, Wawa was literally unstoppable. Nitro took only one round.

And then Shanks proved the power of the European DBFZ once again. He defeated Nitro to proceed to the Grand Final (can we count this as another chapter of the NA vs EU competition?)

The Grand Final was incredible! Guys, really, just watch it. The fight was back and forth. Both players deserved to get the win. Still, Wawa got the job done better. He even changed his team (to Yasha’s one) for the last round against Shanks — and his final victory is so well-deserved. Congratulations!

DBFZ Team Composition at CEO 2022

It’s always interesting to see what characters top players use at major tournaments. We summarized the DBFZ Team Composition at Combo Breaker, so let’s do this for CEO as well.

Point - Mid - Anchor



Garlic Bread




For the final game vs Shanks, Nitro put Android 21 in Mid and UI Goku in the Anchor position.


It was unusual to see Shanks using Janemba as a Point character in his match against HookGangGod.


For the last round of the Grand Final, Wawa used this team:

The next huge tournament for DBFZ is Evo 2022. These fights might be drastically different, as Bandai Namco promises to release a balance patch before that. Who knows what it will have beyond nerfing Lab Coat.

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