DBFZ Team Composition at Combo Breaker 2022

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DBFZ Team Composition at Combo Breaker 2022
Pic Source: TampaNeverSleeps on Twitch
It’s a useful retrospective — to notice what characters pro players use for three team positions.

Esports professionals reach an amazing level of mastery in their games, and we totally could use their experience for our (probably-hopefully) successes.

Team composition in Dragon Ball FighterZ is a very interesting topic. And for me personally, it’s not the simplest one. As a Dragon Ball admirer, I tend to make my teams anime-related, such as Androids gang, Goku’s family, or perfect villains. That obviously isn’t the most effective approach.

DBFZ pros know better, and their teams nicely reflect the current meta. Is it possible to mix these two methods? We just need to put proper personalities in proper team positions.

Let’s jump to the practical part and check out examples of pro DBFZ teams in the Top 8 Part of Combo Breaker.

The structure here is following:

Point - Mid - Anchor

9-12. NeoJudai

9-12. Wawa

9-12. Shanks

7-8. WADE

7-8. HookGangGod

5-6. Nitro

5-6. Jila

4. Zane

3. Yasha

2. Kayne

1. LegendaryyPred

Gogeta is a pretty popular Point Character — mostly in his Super Saiyan Blue form but also as Super Saiyan 4. We can see a few Base Vegetas here. The most unusual choice is probably Zamasu, who is a feature character for Zane.

Apparently, no one can compete with Lab Coat Android 21 for a Mid Character. Rarely, Vegito takes this role.

Both forms of Android 21 can be an Anchor Character. Other choices are pretty versatile.

Of course, there should be a synergy between the characters. It might not work to take random fighters from different positions. But who knows, it might be effective for you. So why not experiment.

The Best… or no… The Most Extravagant Team

The best team is certainly of the winner. The talent and experience of LegendaryyPred + those characters — this turned out to be a flawless recipe for Combo Breaker 2022.

But let’s not stop here. We absolutely need to appreciate the team of NYChrisG! Can you imagine entering such a tournament with Master Roshi and Frieza to then reach 10-13th place? Remarkable!

The meta of DBFZ should change with the upcoming Lab CoatAndroid 21 (yep, she has been banned from CEO 2022). Till then, these variants of team compositions proved to be the best in the competitive environment.

Are you interested in experimenting with new characters for your team? What about learning how to play them with pro video guides? For example, we have one on Gogeta SS4 by Tyrant and one on Base Vegeta by ShaudL.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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