• Rafael Archivald
  • Puerto Rico

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Rafael ''NeoJudai'' Archivald is a fighting games player from Puerto Rico.

As a DRAGON BALL FighterZ player NeoJudai competed and finished 1st in Iacon Battle Circuit® #21 - World Championship ed., 4th in Northeast Championship 2021, 9th in The Arena of Chaos 2 Fright Night Edition, 17th in Summer Jam 2021.

Also NeoJudai competed a lot in weekly tournaments such as Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition and City of Mayhem PS4 DBFZ Online Tourney. And took part in such tournaments as The Arena of Chaos 1The Degens' Chasm 2 - DBFZ WC Event!The Cloud Series East 2, East Coast Throwdown 2019 and Defend The North 2019.

You can follow NeoJudai on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and Instagram.