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LegendaryyPred: “Adapting Fast is One of the Things I’m Good at”

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LegendaryyPred: “Adapting Fast is One of the Things I’m Good at”
DashFight’s interview with an exceptional player and the winner of DBFZ tournament at Combo Breaker 2022

Combo Breaker 2022 is history at this point. Still, it’s an absolutely special page in the fighting esports history books. Yes, every tournament is unique. And also, this was one of the first big offline gatherings after quite a break — it’s so nice to see the players and witness their live emotions.

For Dragon Ball FighterZ, Combo Breaker 2022 will remain forever inimitable. I’m not sure it’s actually a good thing, but (hopefully) we will not have overpowered Lab Coat or another character at a major tourney. But despite that, or probably even thanks to that, the DBFZ matches were spectacular and totally filled with competitive power. Getting victory at such an event is a remarkable achievement!

LegendaryyPred had to defeat very, very powerful opponents to become the Champion. It’s hard to imagine what happens behind those breathtaking openings and mind-blowing combos…

But why? It might not be that hard if we ask the guy directly! We at DashFight love using our privilege of the fighting game media to reach out to the players and ask them various questions. And we did the thing for the whole DBFZ community — we contacted LegendaryyPred, and now we are immensely happy to share his answers.

Here is DashFight’s interview with the Champion of DBFZ Combo Breaker 2022!

How does it feel to win Combo Breaker?

It felt great, especially since I have won events before like locals and even a regional but never a major. I came close at CEO, but even then it wasn’t to the scale of this tournament with international players. So, I will definitely say this one felt amazing.


Was it more challenging to play against American guys who you know pretty well or French opponents who come from a different competitive dimension? 

Honestly, it’s hard to say, but maybe the French, only super slightly? Just because finding out what your opponent's tendencies are in an ft2 match is hard!


What was the most interesting matchup for you character-wise?

I tend to learn every match in the game, I don’t have trouble against any character… But if I had to pick, it was Zamasu because I wanted to see how my new approach to the character worked!

Kayne changed his team in the Grand Final. Do you feel such moments as dangerous, or is it easy for you to re-adapt?

I didn’t consider him changing his team as dangerous. It’s more like he wanted to try something new and see if I could adapt to it. But for me, adapting fast is one of the things I’m good at.

Zane is a pretty new name in the top-level DBFZ competition. At this point, is it even possible for the game to get a new wave of skilled players? How?

Yes, no matter how late or early, there will always be new players to the scene who make it to the top level. Especially with patches, some people shine more than others. So it’s usually those who can adjust the best to the meta!


Are you ready to play against Japanese players?

Yes, I’m ready to play against the Japanese players. Honestly, I can’t wait to play against them.


What’s after this achievement? Have you thought about jumping into another game to compete there?

I think of competing in Multiverses and want to prove my skills there, but I will also continue to practice in DBFZ.

Thank you for the answers. We hope to see you playing at many more tournaments.

Did you watch LegendaryyPred’s matches at Combo Breaker? Treat yourself to this experience! It’s emotionally intense and practically useful — who knows what tricks you will absorb into your playing style. Also, you might be interested in the DBFZ Team Composition of that event.

And what about learning directly from LegendaryyPred. We at DashFight are proud to share a DBFZ guide created by this player — learn How to Play Kid Buu!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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