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Dragon Ball FighterZ Kid Buu Guide Featuring LegendaryyPred

Dragon Ball FighterZ Kid Buu Guide Featuring LegendaryyPred

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Embrace the power of pure, bare evil! Learn how to play Kid Buu in DBFZ.

This character is a very specific type of fighting game villain. Kid Buu doesn't want either world domination or even total destruction. He’s chaotic and unpredictable, having no goals and restrictions. That makes such a villain almost unstoppable — in anime. Does Kid Buu have the same quality in DBFZ fights?

Pressure and mixup tools are a strong side of Kid Buu in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He pretty easily builds an unstoppable stream of hits, finds an opening, and lands simple basic combos. On the other hand, his damage is not impressive. Also, Kid Buu’s Level 3 oki options are unreliable, so even the meter doesn’t help him with damage.

Sure, there is much more to Kid Buu’s fighting abilities than such a summary. And thanks to the collaboration of DashFight with LegendaryyPred, we have this awesome pro guide. The video explains the basics and helps you plan your practice with Kid Buu.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Kid Buu Guide by LegendaryyPred

Best Buttons

LegendaryyPred starts his Kid Buu guide by highlighting the best buttons for this character.

  • 5L has a 3-frame startup, and it’s -3 on block. This is a normal 5L, nothing too special. 5LL is remarkable thanks to keeping the same -3 on block. It’s good for resetting your pressure.
  • 2L is a low-hitting attack, which is good for mixups. It’s -4 on block.
  • 1M is the best Medium for Kid Buu. It’s -10 on block. LegendaryyPred explains that the fastest button in the game is 6 frames. But since 1M has no forward movement, most opponents cannot punish Kid Buu due to the range of this attack. 
  • 2M is a slower version of 1M. It goes around the midscreen range. 3M goes even farther. Both these attacks have 17 frames of startup, and both are -10 on block. 
  • 5M is one of the best such attacks in the game. Most 5Ms are punishable on block, but Kid Buu’s one is -5 – and that means it cannot be punished. You can cancel it into 2H.
  • 5S is a single ki blast with a very short recovery. If the opponent decides to Super Dash, you can 2H them. 
  • 2S is a better projectile than 5S because you can go into more pressure situations after it. 2S is also good for getting into.

Pressuring and Blockstrings

According to LegendaryyPred, Kid Buu’s pressure is one of the best in the entire game.

Check out the video to see all the strings. We could mention:

  • 5L-5M
  • 2L-5M
  • 2L-5L
  • 2L-1M
  • 5L-1M

Then you can go into ki blast with 5S or 5H-2S. After 2S, you have different mixup options. 2S is also good for starting strings in the air.

Also, Kid Buu can go into 2H out of any Medium and continue mix-uping. Since 5M is a multi-hitting normal, you can cancel into 2H even with guard cancel. 

Kid Buu has a cross-up j.S, which is unreactable. You can do 5L-j.S.

With this character, you can always keep your opponents on their toes and apply many 50/50 situations.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the biggest strengths of Kid Buu is his anti-air reflect game. Since he never gets off the opponent, he makes them want to reflect. And if they don’t reflect, Kid Buu can mix-up with his 236M and 236H. This leads to true 50/50.

Kid Buu has a lot of unreactable stuff, such as cross-up.

For full-screen pressure, he has 3M, and you can confirm after it with 5M.

The character is small, so it might be difficult to catch him. His mobility is pretty good. If you do Super Jump 236M, you can go into 50/50 even without doing the double jump.

When Kid Buu gets in, it’s really hard for the opponents to get rid of him. 

The amount of damage is a weakness for Kid Buu. His Level 1 deals around 700 damage, which is one of the lowest in the game.

DBFZ Kid Buu BnB Combos

This character has pretty basic, universal BnBs. The only difference is that he does 4L instead of Light-Medium-Light.

Here is the only midscreen combo Kid Buu has:

  • IAD J.h 5L5LL 1m 5m j.c j.L j.M j.L j.2h j.4l j.4l j.m j.2h j.4l j.4l j.M j.H

Two corner combos for Kid Buu are:

  • IAD J.h 5L5LL 5m 2s j.M j.L j.s 5l j.c j.L j.M j.L j.2h j.4l j.4l j.M j.2h j.4l j.4l (You don’t have to use an Assist for this combo. It might not be the most damaging one, but it gives you a good amount of meter while also applying sliding knockdown) 
  • IAD J.h 5L5LL 1m 5m 5s 2s 236m land 2L 5h 5s 2s j.L j.L j.2h j.4L j.4L j.M j.236HS (This one does more damage but doesn’t apply sliding knockdown. It is recommended to use it when your opponent is almost dead)

That’s it. Kid Buu doesn’t have a wide variety of combos.

Do you like the fighting style of Kid Buu? Do you have him on your DBFZ team?

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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