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Dragon Ball FighterZ Blue Goku Guide Featuring Nitro

Dragon Ball FighterZ Blue Goku Guide Featuring Nitro

6 min
Guide by Nitro

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He’s very strong in many aspects, but playing him requires precise timing and good execution skills.

Blue Goku is one of the most popular characters among pro DBFZ players. And that fame is totally reasonable as his fighting tools are exceptionally powerful. Of course, you need some experience with the game and Blueku himself to take the most out of this might — and this new video guide on DashFight’s YouTube channel will show you the best path in this exciting journey.

The guide was created by Nitro, a very talented fighting esports professional who won DBFZ World Championship 2021 in North America. Also, Nitro loves Blue Goku, and he’s been using him for a while.  We are honored to present his advice and explanations to you, guys.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Goku SSGSS Guide by Nitro

Best Buttons

In this section, Nitro highlights Blueku’s normals, ki blasts, and specials.

  • 5L is pretty stubby, but it doesn’t go too far. The same is true about 2L. They are good for mixups.
  • 2M reaches very far, but it’s -10 on block. Nitro demonstrates the usefulness of this attack later in the video.
  • 4M is a really special button. It is -2 on block and reaches very far. 
  • 5M has a shorter recovery and worse frame advantage than 2M, but it’s also good. You can use its forward momentum to come closer to the opponent.
  • 5H goes very far, reaching distant opponents. It’s -8 on block.
  • 5S is pretty fast. If you angle j.S correctly, it can be + on block.
  • 2H has a lot of recovery on whiff, but it reaches really high. It helps Blue Goku stop opponents who go above him. You should be aware of the forward movement during this attack.
  • 236L/M/H, Divine Void Strike has frame 4 ki blast invincibility (S and M), which is really good. The H version is rather slow, but it’s stronger and has frame 1 invincibility to ki blasts.
  • j.214L/M/H, Dragon Flash Kick goes at a great angle and can be used for mixups. 
  • 214L/M/H, Super God Shock Flash — the L version has only 17 frames of startup. The whiff recovery is short. The Medium version does not have these advantages. 

Nitro says that SSGSS Goku’s specials are very good, especially the command throw (214L) and dive kick (j.214L/M/H).

Blue Goku’s Combos

You could see these combos explained and shown in the Blueku video guide:

  • 2M,5H,SD,66,JM,669,LM,J2h,LLL,
  • 5M,2M,5H,SD,66,JM,669,LM,JC,LM,JS,DELAY 236L,LAND 5L,JC,JLL,JS, 236L,LAND 5L, JC, LM,J2H,LM,JS,214H
  • 5M, 2M, 236M,2M,5M,JLL,JS,236L,5L,JC,JLL,JS,236L,JLL,J2H,JLL,JS,J214H.
  • 5SSSSSS,236H,2M,5M,JC,JLL,J2H,JLL,JS,214H


Blue Goku’s mixups consist of such things as his command throw (214L/M/H), EX dive kick, and even lariat. 

In this section, Nitro gives details on how to use these moves in mixups. For example, you can start with 5L or 2M (and that is the usefulness of this move). Also, you can use EX dive kick with an assist. EX lariat can be used as a mixup too.

Please, watch the video to see Blue Goku’s mixups in action.

Neutral Sequences

This aspect is pretty simple. You jump around and use your ki blast. Pay attention to the falling button, such as falling j.M, which reaches pretty far. 2M also can be used in neutral. The lariat (236L/M/H) is a good neutral button — if you jump and land it low enough, it goes from -2 to -5 on block.

When Nitro decides to play Blue Goku defensively, he uses ki blasts and goes to a full combo after confirm. You can get a combo confirm from EX dive kick.

Instant Transmission is a great move, +3 on block. You can go into Level 3 after it.

What to use as your Level 3 oki, then? Nitro often uses Super Jump with flow or fall to reach the opponent. The following options include the command throw and mixups with assists. While in midscreen, you can do ki blasts or the command throw.

Nitro thinks Blueku’s Level 3 oki is very strong, but it’s not too deep. 

Level 1/3/5 Super Damage

Blue Goku deals 750 damage with his Level 1 Super. His Level 3 deals 1773 of damage.

The damage from Blueku’s Level 5 Super is impressive — it deals 2359. In many situations, this opportunity is worth spending your meter for.


Nitro recommends using A Assist with SSGSS Goku as his best one. It’s a dive kick assist, and it can be anti-aired, and you should be aware of this. 

B Assist is also very good. It’s a lariat assist. This assist keeps all the properties of the normal move Divine Void Strike. It applies a lot of hitstun.

C Assist has a long startup (45 frames). It can be anti-aired. It tracks the opponent, but the tracking is not very good. The cooldown is very long (as it’s usual for C Assists).

What do you say? Do you feel inspired to play Super Saiyan Blue Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ? Then take pieces of advice from this guide to your training, shape your skills, and then bring the power to real matches.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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