Dragon Ball FighterZ Bardock Guide Featuring Coach Steve

Sebastian Quintanilla
2 min
Guide by Coach Steve
A former top character brought down by the nerfs, but still a king of strong pressure

Bardock is a powerful brawler who excels at applying pressure on his opponents. His Assists are also among the best in the game, but there is a lot you have to learn to maximize your potential output with this character. We've partnered with Coach Steve to bring you all the information you need on Bardock in this new video guide on DashFight’s YouTube channel.

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Bardock Guide by Coach Steve

BARDOCK guide by [ Coach Steve ] | DBFZ | DashFight

Best Buttons

In this section, Nitro highlights Blueku’s normals, ki blasts, and specials.

  • 5L - One of the best jabs in the game and a vital combo starter and extender. Virtually every 5L move is useful for Bardock, 5LH 5LM, or just a simple 5LLL.
  • 2L - A long-range low that allows for super dashing in the corners.
  • 5M - minus 2 on block and good range to boot.
  • 2M - Like it 5M, great range.
  • 5S - You might not be able to rapid-fire this Ki-Blast, but it can string into other moves easily by way of frame trapping.
  • j.L - A good jump-in with a good angle and followups.
  • j.S - Covers an angle that is rarely seen in other characters, it's just good enough to be a threat to players who approach lazily.

Bardock’s Combos

You could see these combos explained and shown in Coach Steve's video guide:

  • 2L, 5LL, 2M, 5M, jump forward jM(2 Hits), 236M, dash jM (only the 2nd hit connects), land, forward dash 5LL(delayed), 2M, 5M, jLL(2 hits)2H, djLL(1st hit only), 214M
  • 2L, 5LL, 2M, 5M, 236M, land, 5LL(delayed), jump cancel IAD jLS, 5LL(delayed), jump cancel IAD jLS, 5LL(delayed), 2M, 5H, 236L, Assist, 5LL2M5H, 214M, 214LM


Bardock's A assist is a great addon for many team compositions since it allows for super dashes and other combo tools. His B assist is safe and can be used as a combo extender, its also useful to fill in the gap in the mixups of other characters.


Bardock is often a point character. If you are building a team around him you want beams to assist him. He is a powerful brawler with tools that help him break into his opponent's space and follow up with strong combos.