• Hasni Rivallin
  • Team Oplon
  • France

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Hasni "Noka" Rivallin is a French fighting games player currently representing Team Oplon, known for competing in DragonBall FighterZ, and recently Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Noka has competed in tourneys such as AUESmash Avignon Geek Expo, Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2019, CEO 2019, Dashdances! 4 - Saison 2, LinkNîmes Ultimate Tournament, Meltdown Avignon 15, Red Bull DRAGON BALL FighterZ WORLD TOUR JAPANStunfest 2019, and Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019.

Noka notably won Sonic Boom VI in DBFZ, placed 2nd at Brussels Challenge Winter Fights 2019 and Dragon Grand Battle 2019, and 3rd at DreamHack Winter 2018 and Reflect 2019.  

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