DBFZ at Evo 2022: Results

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DBFZ at Evo 2022: Results
Who gets the sweet starting points for the World Tour 2022/2023?

The Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament at Evo is great and awesome for quite a few reasons. First of all, it’s Evo, sure. And it’s DBFZ (oh, we love this game)! In addition to that, it’s super interesting to see what the players can perform in the environment of the most recent patch, what the power balance between the best competitors is after the World Championship Finals, and what start we will have at the DBFZ World Tour 2022/23.

Anyways… Why bother with any reasoning when we have lots of cool matches to watch? Let’s just enjoy them!

DBFZ at Evo 2022 | Top 24 to Top 8

We had a lot of mind-blowing fights. And we lost a few big names on the way to Top 8. Punk could not destroy the DBFZ scene — he left after the Losers Round 2. Garlic Bread could not pass through the legend, Fenritti. HookGangGod lost to Nitro first and then to LegendaryyPred.

Still, with some variations, the Top 8 list has brought no sensation. If you follow Dragon Ball FighterZ esports, you know each and every player here.

DBFZ at Evo 2022 | Top 8

Winners Semi-Finals

The first match was Nitro vs Kayne. Both players are so eager to win — after Nitro’s bitter loss at the World Championship Grand Final and Kayne loss at Combo Breaker Grand Final.

Nitro quickly loses a character and then brings the game to a 2v1 situation. But then… He destroys the rest of Kayne’s crew in Game 1 and has a totally dominating Game 2. Nitro is in the Winners Final.

5:00 AMBO3

The second Semi-Final was Wawa vs Yasha — two super strong French players. And Wawa, as a World Champion, is the top favorite in the tournament.

The players have almost identical teams, only Anchors are different, Android 17 for Yasha and Adult Gohan for Wawa.

If you expected something of a miracle, here it is. Yasha destroyed Wawa’s characters in Game 1 and prevented a fantastic comeback from Adult Gohan. In Game 2, Wawa removed two characters of Yasha, one after another, but on the verge of KO, Yasha managed to win and proceed to the Winners Final.

5:15 AMBO3

Losers Round 1

Shanks made everyone so happy by taking Cell as a point character to his team. It did not go well, though. LegendaryyPred removed the opponent’s characters one after another. And no, even a Janemba comeback did not happen in the last round. LegendaryyPred continues fighting at Evo 2022.

Zane has come to the big esports scene from the online environment, and he got one of the hardest opponents in the Evo Losers Round 1 — Fenritti himself. Can floaty Zamasu do this?

Fenritti is very serious in his desire to win. Zane has almost no chances, so Fenritti faces Kayne in the Losers Quarter Final.

5:45 AMBO3

Losers Quarter-Finals

LegendaryyPred also got a fantastically difficult opponent — Wawa. It looked like the American player had a chance after his fantastic Game 2. But then, Wawa returns to his power and takes his ticket to the Semi-Final.

6:00 AMBO3

Kayne played against Fenritti, and he totally proved the power of French DBFZ! After the fantasstic comeback in Game 1 (Tien removes three characters) and a dominating Game 2, Kayne proceeds to the Lowers Semi-Final.

6:15 AMBO3

Winners Final

It looked like Yasha would easily win this match. He was two games ahead of Nitro and needed only one to get his Grand Final spot. But Nitro thought differently.

The American player performs a wonderful comeback and wins three games in a row. Nitro is in the DBFZ Evo 2022 Grand Final on the Winner Side.

6:30 AMBO5

Losers Semi-Final

For the match vs Kayne, Wawa changed his team to Gogeta SS4, Android 21 Lab Coat, and Android 16. That move pays off.

Kayne is very strong in Game 2, but he loses the fight of Android 16 vs Tien and finishes his Evo 2022 experience. Wawa proceeds to the Losers Final to face Yasha (again).

6:45 AMBO3

Losers Final

Yasha and Wawa should decide between themselves who will play for France in the Evo 2022 Grand Final.

Wawa wins two games in a row, but then Yasha decides to interfere with this glorious run and brings the situation to 2:2. Wawa has to change his team once again — UI Goku, Vegito, and Android 17. Wawa wins the last game of this match and returns to his fight against Nitro.

7:30 AMBO5

Grand Final

Nitro obviously has lots of motivation in this match against Wawa. It is almost a mirror from the World Championship Grand Final — but now, Wawa is on the Loser Side.

The start was so promising for Nitro! The guy wins two games and gets a tournament point. But then…

It’s impossible to describe — you just have to see that! Wawa wins three games in a row to reset the bracket. And then he continues the winning pace and wins the Grand Final Reset.

Wawa is a DBFZ Evo 2022 Champion! Congratulations!

8:00 AMBO5

DBFZ at Evo 2022 | Top 8 Results

Rollback Netcode is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Yes it’s true! Something we could not even dream of is a real thing. Hiroki-San announced plans to implement Rollback Netcode for DBFZ!

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