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All the Big Events of Evo Day 1

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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All the Big Events of Evo Day 1
Evo 2022 is up and running, here's all you might have missed

Evo 2022 is now underway! Day 1 of the FGC's biggest tournament is now over, and we heavily anticipate Day 2. That said, Day 1 was not without its excitement as the return of the tournament has seen huge turnouts and an atmosphere that is impossible to beat. A lot happened on Day 1 and we at DashFight figured that to keep you up to date, we might as well catch you up on all the great stuff that happened on the first day of Evo 2022. 

Evo 2022 RECAP | DAY 1 | DashFight


We expect that we'll get the really big announcements on the final day, but to whet the appetite, we got some early news on some top games.


First off was Guilty Gear -STRIVE- which has been wildly successful and will be the game that will end the entire event. With the highest registration, Guilty Gear is undoubtedly popular, and when the developers sat down for a panel, fans were understandably excited. Fans were not disappointed as we got a road map for the game with the promise that we'll be getting the announcement of a new DLC character this summer. It is believed that we'll get the announcement on Sunday before the end of the event. We also got dates for new balance patches, and other updates. 

Also, the developers treated fans to concept art and drafts for some of the characters in the game, including a very interesting-looking Faust

KOF and Samurai Showdown

Also announced was some new King of Fighters XV news, the biggest of which was the revelation that Team Awakened Orochi will be released next week. Also, the SNK team revealed that crossplay would be coming to the game, which is huge news as this has been one of the biggest issues people have had with the game. Furthermore, we got some news on Samurai Showdown will the announcement that rollback netcode would be coming to Samurai Showdown


Also of note for Day 1 was all the tournaments that kicked off. All the games started off on Friday with round 1 pools. But, some of the games with smaller brackets like MK11 and Skullgirls got further, with the latter even wrapping up on day 1 with a great win for SonicFox which you can read all about here

After the night ended, we were still treated to some premium FGC action with the 9 v 9 in Street Fighter V between North America and Europe (more accurately, EMEA) which the latter won thanks to some phenomenal play from Phenom (pun unapologetically intended.)

Today is another day, be sure to catch all the action, or come back to DashFight to check out our recaps of all the important stuff that happened over the day. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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