• Seong-ho Kang
  • ROX Gaming
  • South Korea

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 Seong-ho "Chanel" Kang Tekken 7 player from Seoul, the Republic of Korea (South Korea). He's signed with ROX Dragons.

Chanel started competing back in 2009 with Tekken 6. He immediately got good results by coming 4th during Tekken Crash 3 and 3rd at Tekken Crash 4 the following year. While he doesn't have many tournaments wins in Tekken 7. He is still an admirably consistent and skilled player. Some of his achievements include 6th place at Fighting Games Challenge 2018, 2nd place at CEO 2019, True Gaming Invitational 2019, EVO 2019 and Tokyo Tekken Masters 2017. More recently, he placed 7th in EVO 2021 Online Tekken 7 - Asia East.

Chanel's character choices are relatively unorthodox for a high-level player. He's one of the first players to realize Alisa's potential in a tournament setting and he often ends up using Eliza as well despite her widely being considered a very weak character. Most recently though he started playing Julia.

You can check out his live streams on Twitch. You can also find Chanel on Twitter.