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Tekken 7 at Fighters Showdown 2023: Final Fantasy

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Tekken 7 at Fighters Showdown 2023: Final Fantasy
Many international guests visited this tournament. And a guest celebrated the victory — a player and a character

Fighters Showdown 2023 took place in India, as part of the Tekken World Tour. This means distribution of valuable league points for the players and a chance to witness especially exciting matches for the viewers.

India sure has many strong competitors. At the same time, quite a few esports professionals decided to travel and participate in the tournament — including such strong players as Knee and Ghirlanda.

Let’s enjoy the stream and check out the results. This post on DashFight also contains a list of characters and clips of some top moments.

Tekken 7 at Fighters Showdown 2023 | Stream, Top 8

The Top 8 part started with quite an unexpected loss — in the Semi-Final. Knee was defeated by CBM. It’s not unusual for Knee to travel around the world and earn TWT points (for example, he won BAM 2023 in Australia). But this time, he fell into the Losers first and then was out of the tournament after a match vs the German player Tetsu.

In a parallel bracket, another South Korean player defeated another German competitor — ULSAN got a clear victory over Sephiblack.

In the Winners Final, CBM proved once again the might of his Noctis, and with 3:1, the player proceeded to the Winners Final.

Two Germans had a fight in the Losers Semi, and Tetsu defeated Sephiblack. He could not repeat this success in the Losers Final against ULSAN, though.

Can ULSAN get another W, as at FV Major 2023?

Tekken 7 at Fighters Showdown 2023 | Stream, Grand Final

ULSAN had a very confident match against CBM — but only after taking Bob to fight Noctis. The player reset the bracket.

But then, the strength of Final Fantasy awoke in the guest character. CBM found a key to fight Bob. And he pretty quickly adapted to ULSAN’s switch to Feng.

CBM is the Tekken 7 Champion at Fighters Showdown 2023. Congratulations!

This victory is a great progress for the player. Previously, CBM was 2nd at CEO 2023.

Tekken 7 Characters at Fighters Showdown 2023

7. prathap

7. Ghirlanda


5. Knee

4. Sephiblack

3. Tetsu


1. CBM

Top Moments

CBM whiffs Rage and wins the game.

Is it the tiger who makes the difference?

Europe vs Asia | Claudio vs Feng — and Europe wins; Knee is out of the tournament.

“Hey! He brought weapons to a Tekken fight. It’s not Soulcalibur here!”

A super close round by Tetsu.

A clutch and win.

Taking Bob to the Losers Final was a good idea.

Bob to reset the bracket.

CBM wins the tournament.

Tekken World Tour continues, and the next step is super significant — it’s the T7 tournament at Evo 2023. Even Tekken 8 will be playable at this event.

Stay tuned to DashFight for all things fighting esports!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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