• Arja Gamoori
  • Germany

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Arja "Sephiblack" Gamoori is a pro Tekken player from Germany. He's one of the best players in Europe and Germany in particular, perhaps only rivaled by LegendaryMihawk in his region. Some of Sephiblack's best performances include 2nd place at Tekken World Tour Online 2017: Europe West (Steam), 5th place at VSFighting 2018, 9th place at MIXUP 2019 and 33rd place at TWT 2019 LCQ. He has wins over players like Super Akouma, Joey Fury, and Ryan Hart. Matches can be seen by clicking on the names.

Sephiblack has a Youtube channel where he uploads his sets and highlights of his matches as well as occasional analysis of other players. He regularly streams Tekken on his Twitch channel, shares opinions, and updates on Twitter, and posts photos on his Instagram.