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Asuka is part of the Kazama Family and light of justice and well intention goals in the King of Iron fist tournament. Nowadays, her plot has lost a bit of the punch it once carried, but the character remains a clear fan favorite.Know more


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Character abilities


Combo Damage


Wall Carry

Throw Game


Asuka trained from a young age in the Kazama style of Martial Arts from her father. She grew up with the values of justice and fairness. When returning home, she found many pupils of her father beaten; they spoke of a Chinese man, later discovered to be Feng Wei, who went to the dojo and attacked them and Asuka’s father, leaving him hospitalized. She later learned that Feng would be participating in the King of Iron Fist tournament, and thus she joined it to find him.

Eventually, she had to return to her everyday life, empty-handed. But only for a short time, as she found that Jin Kazama was responsible for the global unrest that had taken over. Out of a sense of duty, she joined the next King of Iron fist to bring him down.

Throughout her time in the tournament, Asuka came to know Emilie De Rochefort, Lili for short, with whom she would grow a small rivalry. For the seventh King of Iron Fist tournament, Lili would register Asuka without her knowing and call her at the last minute to inform her. And so Asuka found herself back in.

First Appearance: Tekken 5, November 2004


  • Jin Kazama
  • Feng Wei
  • Lili

Allies & Family

  • Mr. Kazama, her father
  • Jun Kazama, relative
  • Jin Kazama, relative