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The father of Emily is a wealthy businessman, and he disapproves of the weird hobby of his daughter. Even with her excellent education and perfect manners, Lili is a super skilled fighter! Her style is based on gymnastics, dances, and acrobatics.Know more

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The chart shows this character's most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate.

Lili matchup chart

Win rate

CharacterWin rateTotal usage
Feng57 %7
Paul43 %7
Kazuya33 %6
Claudio33 %6
Miguel60 %5
Bryan40 %5
Asuka67 %3
Alisa33 %3
Lidia33 %3
Negan100 %2

Lili matchups

Matchups based on at least on 50 games.

Most played vs:



4-3 (57%)

Best vs:

Master Raven
Master Raven


2-0 (100%)

Worst vs:



0-2 (0%)

top Lili mains

PlayerGamesWinsLossesWin rate

Character abilities

  • Evasiveness: 6

  • Combo Damage: 6

  • Mobility: 7

  • Wall Carry: 6

  • Throw Game: 5


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Emilie De Rochefort is the daughter of a wealthy oil magnate from Monaco. She had everything she needed in life. But once, some villains kidnapped her. Trying to get herself free, Lili started to fight with one of the evil guys. This experience changed her life - she sincerely enjoys fighting!

Her father doesn’t support this passion, but Emily can’t stop herself from practicing. To prove her skills, she decided to participate in a tournament. Soon, she discovered that the organizer was Heihachi Mishima. That gave a boost of motivation because Mishima Zaibatsu created all sorts of troubles for De Rochefort’s business. Lili won the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, but that victory caused the bankruptcy of her father…

While De Rochefort tries to revive his company, Lili is locked at home. The business situation becomes worse when Mishima Zaibatsu takes away all the oil fields. For Lili, the sixth King of Iron Fist tournament is a chance to destroy the Mishima clan at last.

In Tekken 7, Lili enters the tournament once again - this time with no specific reason, for the sake of awesome fighting. She faces her long-time rival, Asuka Kazama. In another character episode, Lili meets Eliza and tries to explain to this 1000-year-old vampire why they’re sisters.


Lili is a rather tall teenage girl with blue eyes. She has blonde hair styled in a hime-cut. She is generally seen wearing a miniskirt with a corset-like top and appears to wear light makeup, such as pink lip gloss and red eyeliner.


Lili has tons of versatile moves and easy-to-use, effective attacks, which benefit from a great range and reach thanks to her long legs. Her damage output is surprisingly high, and her counterattacks, juggling, and wall fighting will all eat away at her opponent’s health. That said, some of her more popular strings are easily recognizable and may leave her wide open to punishment. She’s also somewhat slow, and virtually almost all of her attacks can be sidestepped, as she lacks many homing attacks. She makes up for this, however, with her ranged attacks, which can be used at mid to long-range to keep an opponent from moving in. Her lows aren’t the best. They're predictable, and can make it difficult for her to open up opponents.

Lili also has quite a handful of attacks that involve her jumping, which can avoid lows, and she has a deadly okizeme ground game, which makes it scary to deal with Lili when she successfully knocks you down. She also possesses an attack reversal, as well as a wall throw.

Lili’s sidestep is noted to be one of the strongest in the series, and she can avoid strings and attacks that would normally hit most of the playable cast.

Fighting Style

Lili’s fighting style is characterized by Gymnastics moves combined with many dance-like, acrobatic maneuvers - graceful and versatile spins, cartwheels, handstands, tumbles and pirouettes.

This fighting style is self-learned and self-developed by Lili herself, since her father, who dislikes fighting, would probably never allow her to even practice any sort of formal martial arts training. This is probably why some of Lili’s moves often reflect her background and personality, as she tends to strike a lot of elegant, graceful poses as she attacks. Even her generic attacks such as her crouching kicks and jabs tend to have an air of elegance and grace.

Key Information:

Origin: Monaco

Age: 16

Fighting style: Gymnastics Street Fighting

Debut: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, November 2005

Availability: Base character

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