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The father of Emily is a wealthy businessman, and he disapproves of the weird hobby of his daughter. Even with her excellent education and perfect manners, Lili is a super skilled fighter! Her style is based on gymnastics, dances, and acrobatics.Know more

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We at DashFight love the creative energy of the fighting games community and sincerely enjoy many mods created within our favorite genre.

In this regular series, we highlight some of the many awesome mods. Here is Volume 19.

Tekken 7 Mods

Lili as Miriam from Bloodstained

What about bringing some Metroidvania vibes into the classic Tekken fights? This mod turns Lili into the main protagonist of a pretty awesome game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night — Miriam. The result is quite impressive. The character gets a beautiful anime style.

Kung Fu Panda for 9 Characters

Why does Tekken 7 need another Panda? Well, this one brings a fun and somewhat clumsy personality from the popular cartoon to seemingly serious fights. We can replace one of nine characters with Kung Fu Panda — may those pandas fight with the original one to find out who deserves this place in the T7 roster.

The mod is not too realistic, so consider this rather hilarious entertainment.

Eliza as Jenny from Bloody Roar

This mod brings a character from another fighting series to Tekken 7 — Jenny Burtory, the Bat, from Bloody Roar. The girl has features from a bat. And for Eliza, it’s not a too new experience to embrace a beast (or demonic) might.

For more cosplay costumes for Tekken 7 characters, check out our Weekly Mod Highlights V.18 — it has a mod that turns Jin into Solid Snake from MGS1.

Mortal Kombat 1 Mods

Kitana from UMK3

Ultra Mortal Kombat 3 was a great conclusion of the initial old-school 2D era for this fighting games series. Sure, the general visuals feel ancient — especially in comparison to MK1. But the character design and costumes may add an interesting spirit to the modern fights. This mod replaces Kitana with a re-imagined version of the same character but from UMK3.

Havik as The Joker

It’s a retexture mod that changes the appearance of Havik. The guy will look similar to The Joker. In combination with the default scary look of this character, the result becomes somewhat unsettling. Do you like such a horror flavor in Mortal Kombat 1?

Shirtless Johnny Cage

Let the guy demonstrate his handsome body — sure, only partially, to a reasonable extent. Johnny Cage takes off his shirt thanks to this MK1 mod. Can he impress his fans with those muscles?

For something more practical about the character, check out this video guide by CurbolicousHow to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 1.

MK9 Mileena

If Johnny can take some of his clothes off (in the previous MK1 mod), so why not Mileena? Nope, it’s not a topless model (are you playing a fighting game or what?). Mileena gets a new pretty open costume — you know, for nothing to prevent her movements.

Oh, wait a minute… It’s an actual outfit of the character from Mortal Kombat (2011). Must be a good game…

We will keep the series going on DashFight, so stay tuned to our platform for new volumes of our Weekly Mod Highlights