• Mu-jong Kim
  • Talon Esports
  • South Korea

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Mu-jong "Kkokkoma" Kim — professional Tekken 7 player from South Korea. He is currently signed with Talon Esports.

Kkokkoma has been playing Tekken casually for over 10 years with Tekken 6 being his entry to the series. However, he didn't play competitively until Tekken 7. Despite only having one major tournament victory behind his back, Kkokkoma is ranked 7th on TWT 2019 standings due to his overall good and consistent performance. 

Kkokkoma is a rather dedicated Kazumi main. His playstyle plays into her strength with a focus on fundamental strengths. He also went on main stage while cosplaying the character multiple times. Some of his best performances include winning Fighting Games Challenge 2019, 2nd place at DreamHack Atlanta 2019, Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019, VSFighting 2018 and Tekken World Tour Korea 2018. More recently, he placed 5th in EVO 2021 Online Tekken 7 - Asia East.

You can find some of his VODs on the official Youtube Channel. You can also find him on Twitter.