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Yuta "ChikurinTake is a Japanese player in Tekken 7 who mains Geese Howard and currently representing THY esports.

Chikurin was crowned the 2019 TEKKEN World Tour champion after facing tournament favorite, Bae "KneeJae-Min in the Winner’s Finals to secure his spot in the Grand Finals, while in the Loser’s bracket, Soo-hoon “Ulsan” Lim eliminated both Hoa “Anakin” Luu and Knee to join Chikurin in the final matchup. Chikurin swapped Geese for Akuma in a surprising turn of events during the Grand Finals, to secure victory against Ulsan’s top tier Kazumi

In 2019, Chikurin went to Pakistan to test and improve his skills against the best Pakistani players but ended up losing many FT10 sets in the process while becoming a stronger player than ever. More recently, he has in participated in tournaments such as:

  • 2021:CHIKURIN CUP 2021 ONLINE (3rd), EVO 2021 Online Tekken 7 - Asia East (2nd), G-Project DOJO ~BULK UP~ (4th), Master Cup 100 Hundred (5th), MIX CHANNEL CUP TEKKEN7 ONLINE DOJO (4th), TOC Tayan CUP FINAL (1st), TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021: Japan Online Masters (5th), TSF CUP FINAL TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021 DOJO (2nd).

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