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  • PlayBook Esports
  • Philippines

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Alexandre “AK” Laverez is a professional Tekken player from the Philippines, currently representing PlayBook Esports, an organization that also signed his peer, Doujin.

AK started playing fighting games at just 6 years old when his uncle brought him to a mall that had Tekken Tag Tournament 1 arcade machines. His competitive career started in 2009 with Tekken 6 but he didn't make a name for himself until King of Iron Fist Global Championship 2013 where he took 3rd place at the age of 13, marking him as a real Tekken prodigy.

He continued his professional growth with Tekken 7. Some of his best achievements include 2nd place at WEGL 2017 Super Fight Invitational and EVO 2019 and top 8 finishes at Tokyo Tekken Masters 2019, REV Major 2018, Abuget Cup 2017, and Beast Arena Hong Kong IX. More recently, he placed 7th in EVO 2021 Online Tekken 7 - Asia South and 9th in IESF Philippine Qualifiers 2021.

You can find AK on Twitter.