Roo Kang

  • Mario Tufinio
  • District G
  • UK

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Mario "Roo Kang" Tufinio is a competitive Tekken player from London, United Kingdom who represents District G.

Roo Kang's journey into fighting games started with Street Fighter II on SNES when he would use to play with his dad. The casual fascination with fighting games continued for years until Roo Kang encounter a rival in OG Bubsy. Bubsy was a strong player who was beating Roo Kang and his friends at the game, motivating him to get more practice, take the game seriously, and compete.

Roo Kang is one of the best and most prominent Bob players in the world and one of the few to represent the character at the highest levels of play. He is also known as the master of hellsweeps, with even the best players in the world like Qudans and CherryBerryMango getting swept off their feet over and over.

Some of Roo Kang's achievements include:

  • 2021: As1 Arena - Oct 2 (2nd), EVO 2021 Online Tekken 7 - Europe West (13th), ICFC Europe Season 1 #1 (5th), No Bars (3rd).
  • 2020: Celtic Throwdown 2020 Online (3rd), Tekken Online Challenge: EU West (4th).
  • 2019: Battle of Destiny 2019 (2nd), Celtic Throwdown 2019 (2nd), Coventry Fight Night 2019 (1st), Headstomper 2019 (17th), SFO Presents: Tekken 7 Road to CT Qualifier (1st).
  • 2018: Berlin Tekken Clash VII (7th), ESL UK/IRE Summer Skirmish (4th).
  • 2017: Celtic Throwdown 2017 (5th), Hypespotting 6 (7th), Tekken Grand Battle (4th).

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