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Birthday : Feb 18, 1995 (27)
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Pinya (ぴんや) / Shinchan (しんちゃん) is a Tekken 7 player from Japan who represents Donuts USG and play characters like Gigas and Master Raven.

They started playing Tekken in 2019, trying his hand in Tokyo Tekken Masters 2019Pinya has also competed in T7 singles at tourneys such as:

  • 2021: CHIKURIN CUP 2021 ONLINE (5th), EVO 2021 Online Tekken 7 - Asia East (17th), G-Project DOJO ~BULK UP~ (33rd), GALLERIA GAME CHALLENGE-TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021 Dojo (13th), HAKAIOH YUYU Cup (17th), ICFC ASIA, KELOTCUP.9 DOJO (3rd), MIX CHANNEL CUP TEKKEN7 ONLINE DOJO (33rd), TOC Tayan CUP FINAL (9th), Red Bull 5G 2021 FIGHTING, TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021: Japan Online Masters (17th), TEPPAN CUP (4th), TOPANGA LEAGUE x TEKKEN7 Season 3 (1st), TSF CUP FINAL TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021 DOJO (25th).
  • 2020: EVO Japan 2020 (49th), MASTERCUP TRY ONLINE 2020 (5th), TEKKEN Online Challenge Japan (Open Tournament) (25th), .
  • 2019: CELLPRO Singles DOJO Tournament, SEASON 1, MASTERCUP AA 2019 (1st), PARCO NAGOYA 10th Anniversary PARCO x BUTTONMASHERS (13th), Tokyo Tekken Masters 2019.

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