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The King of Fighters XV
The King of Fighters XV


Billy Kane is a dedicated loyalist to Geese Howard and is second-in-command in the Howard Connection.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 6

  • Defense: 8

  • Range: 10

  • Speed: 6

  • Difficulty: 8


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When Billy was a young adolescent, he and his sister lived as orphans in London. Life was challenging for the pair because Billy had to steal food to feed Lilly. Geese Howard, who was in Europe on business, noticed them. After seeing Billy's prowess with his bo staff, he adopts the two orphans, recognizing himself in them. Billy eventually rose to the position of right-hand to the crime boss. Billy served as Geese's champion in the annual King of Fighters competition. Billy was unbeaten until Terry Bogard defeated him, and then Bogard defeated Geese. Then Billy vowed retribution against Joe Higashi, Andy Bogard, and Terry, nicknamed "The Lone Wolves."

Billy is urged to participate in the new competition with his boss and a brand-new team member, Hein. Because Joe made advances on his younger sister Lily, Billy is indignant with Joe. Joe's decision to take Lily out on a date infuriates Billy. When Lily failed to show up on the scheduled date, Billy seized the chance to beat Joe mercilessly while amusingly and seemingly oblivious to Terry and Andy's presence.


Billy is not a "nice guy," but he is also not a "bad guy." His ambition to get quick money and his respect for Geese Howard, rather than genuine malice, drives him to engage in illicit activity. He frequently displays a softer side when with his sister Lilly or friends; Billy had always loathed Iori Yagami, while his feelings toward Terry Bogard eased with time. Billy is also quite furious with Joe Higashi because he developed feelings for his sister, over whom he is very protective.


Billy uses a three-sectional staff that he can split into three parts and reattach with a chain during the fighting. His primary art is Bojutsu, although he might know specific Kung Fu techniques to employ his Three Section Staff.

Billy is a read-based character that forces knowledge-check situations and must capitalize on them with meter. Most of his essential attacks are slow to start or have a lot of recovery and due to big hurt boxes, they are prone to losing out or trading. It would help if you had a lot of game knowledge and awareness of opponent tendencies to use your limited tools best.


Billy has a medium built frame, and blond hair, which he covers with a bandana. He dresses corporately like his boss but on the informal side, wearing his shirt without buttoning up beneath his suit.

Key Information:

Age: December 25, 1966 (26 years)

Height: 179cm

Weight: 72kg

Birthplace: London, England

Occupation: Personal attendant and bodyguard

Debut: Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, November 19 1991

Availability: DLC (Team Pass 1)

Team South Town



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