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The King of Fighters XV

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Blue Mary
The King of Fighters XV
The King of Fighters XV

Blue Mary

Freelance agent with a heart of gold, Blue Mary meets new friends and breaks bones with a smile on her face.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 8

  • Defense: 6

  • Range: 6

  • Speed: 6

  • Difficulty: 6


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.



Mary Ryan had her heart broken when her father and her former lover, Butch, died in a terrorist attack during their work for the secret service. After recovering from her loss, Mary Ryan takes on the pseudonym of Blue Mary, which was Butch’s favorite drink, and takes on the job of a freelancer.

Within KoF, Blue Mary usually works to provide information for her clients or get closer to her targets by joining the tournament.


Blue Mary has a very cheerful and friendly appearance, giving virtually everyone a warm reception. She can even be seen flirting around in her intros against Terry Bogard in the various entries across the franchise. However, while she’s all nice and affable with most people, it doesn’t stop her from twisting limbs and crushing bones of her opponents.


Blue Mary is a master of fast and intimidating offense. Between her slide, incredible short hops, and general quick movement, she has everything she needs to get in on her opponents and start mixing them up. On top of just solid offensive tools, Mary’s many hard knockdown attacks help her to continue mixing opponents. Oh, and if they try to fight back, Mary has plenty of defensive options between her reversals, low profile slide, quick pokes, and the dodge with throw follow-up.

Despite so many strengths, she’s not exactly perfect. Blue Mary players will have to take risks whenever they plan to use many of her mix-ups or defensive options. They will also have to seriously commit on offense, as Mary can’t simply stick to poking opponents in neutral, as their range and recovery oh her pokes is sorely lacking.


Blue Mary has short blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a red crop top, blue fingerless gloves, golden bracelets, star necklace, blue jeans with star prints, oversized brown leather belt, and white sneakers.

Key Info:

Age: 25, February 4

Height: 168 cm (5’6”)

Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs.)

Birthplace: America

Occupation: Private Detective

Debut: Fatal Fury 3, March 1995

Availability: Base game

Team Secret Agent

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