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The King of Fighters XV

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Orochi Shermie
The King of Fighters XV
The King of Fighters XV

Orochi Shermie

Orochi Shermie revealed her true form as one of the ruthless and brutal Four Heavenly Kings, joining forces with Yashiro and Chris for the purpose of reviving Orochi.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 6

  • Defense: 8

  • Range: 10

  • Speed: 4

  • Difficulty: 6


Info will be here soon. Stay tuned.



When Shermie became aware that she was, a Heavenly King is unknown. Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, and Chris initiate the Riot of the Blood within Iori Yagami and Leona Heidern after the 1997 competition to bring back Orochi. The New Faces Team battles the player's team after Leona and Iori are defeated and expose themselves to be the Heavenly Kings. When they are defeated, Yashiro and Shermie kill themselves to channel their remaining energies into Chris, allowing Orochi to take over Chris and return to the living world. Even yet, Orochi would eventually be sealed off thanks to the joint efforts of Iori, Kyo Kusanagi, and Chizuru Kagura.


Orochi Shermie is serious and sadistic during this form, preaching that her master will bring the end to humans. Her anger towards humanity has rendered her mindless, and she focuses on nothing but destruction borne from lightning. Shermie, in her normal form, will show this exact mannerism if provoked.


Shermie, the lead keyboardist for the band CYS and a fashion designer, is endearing but deadly. Being one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, she shares Yashiro and Chris' true nature.

She gives up some of her wrestling maneuvers in favor of electric strikes. In this form, she fights in a somewhat reminiscent of Benimaru Nikaido.


Orochi Shermie wears elegant clothes of ancient oriental design, high boots, and a jacket like short cape which shows elements of her as a fashion designer and musician. Her hair is now purple and set in long bangs, always covering her eyes

Key Information:

Age: Unknown

Height: 173cm

Weight: 68kg

Birthplace: France

Occupation: Heavenly king of Orochi

Debut: July 28, 1997

Availability: DLC (Team Pass 2)

Team Awakened Orochi

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