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The King of Fighters XV

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The King of Fighters XV
The King of Fighters XV


Once the protagonist of King of Fighters, Ash Crimson was believed to be erased from time. Now his arrogant smile is back in the realm of the living.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 4

  • Defense: 9

  • Range: 8

  • Speed: 6

  • Difficulty: 10




During his young age, Ash lived in France and spent most of his time together with Elizabeth Blanctorche. However, for some reason, Ash left her household. 

At a young age, he enters the King of Fighters tournament, where he tries to steal the powers of some other characters. Elizabeth accuses him of being corrupted by power and fighting for only personal gain. After that, Ash uses newly obtained purple flames to disappear.

Before the thirteenth tournament, Ash joins Those from the past, where he has a conflict with the organization leader Saiki. Ash tried to rob Saiki’s soul, but his ancestor tried to possess him instead. As a result, both Ash and Saiki are erased from time. 

Ash was trapped in a time vortex, but after the fourteenth King of Fighters tournament resulted in a multiverse crisis, Elizabeth and Kukri were able to find Ash alive. Together they enter the fifteenth tournament.


Self-confident, self-oriented and flamboyant. Ash is not your usual protagonist. Don’t bore him, or that arrogant smile at your defeated body will stay for the rest of your life.


First of all, Ash is a great character for beginners. He is good in both defense and range combat. Ash uses impressive acrobatic skills together with his emerald flame. That makes him both great in poking and in full-pressure attacks.


The concept of Ash’s design could be described as an “attractive evil character.” He has an androgynous appearance, and his light blue eyes are in great contrast with his blonde hair. At the same time, he wears a red and black coat, which perfectly aligns with his name but goes in contrast with his emerald flames during fights.

Key Information:

Age: 16 years old (February 14)

Height: 178 cm (5'10")

Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs.)

Birthplace: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Debut: King of Fighters 2003

Availability: Base Game

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