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The King of Fighters XV

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The King of Fighters XV
The King of Fighters XV


Benimaru Nikaido is the young son of a multi-millionaire. However, he does not behave like a golden boy and trains hard to be the best fighter. Works part-time as a model.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Attack: 6

  • Defense: 8

  • Range: 8

  • Speed: 7

  • Difficulty: 5


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Benimaru Nikaido was born into a family of multi-millionaire. He decided to be the best fighter. When Japan held trials for the King of Fighters ‘94 tournament, Benimaru got into the finals, where he lost to Kyo Kusanagi. Kyo, Benimaru, and third-place winner Goro Daimon formed a team and joined the tournament.

Most of his career runs around Kyo Kusanagi. Benimaru is his biggest friend and rival. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate to start searching for Kyo after his disappearance before the ‘99 King of Fighters tournament. They met again only two years later.

Before the fifteenth tournament, Kyo asked Benimaru to look after young promising talents Shun’ei and Meitenkun. Benimaru didn’t refuse and joined the Hero team.


Don’t judge a book by its cover. Despite his stylish and showy look, Benimaru is not an outsider. “The shooting star” has a fighter's pride, and when he steps into a fight, he means serious business. Benimaru can be a very loyal person with lots of respect for true professionals. That’s why he seeks a rematch after a loss to Kyo Kusanagi.


Benimaru is an all-round character who bets more on his agility than on raw power. He can control electricity, and that allows him to have decent-range attacks.


Benimaru works as a model, and everything in his appearance speaks about it. He has very high blonde hair and wears a black tank top with blue ornament on it together with a pair of light gray jeans. His black shoes are also stylish, with heels of a decent height. Looks like he is comfortable with both posing for a photo and fighting opponents at the same time.

Key Information:

Age: 21 years old (June 6)

Height: 180 cm (5'11")

Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)

Birthplace: Japan

Occupation: Model

Debut: The King of Fighters ‘94

Availability: Base game

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