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Violent $piegz

  • Canada

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Violent $piegz is a Canadian fighting games competitor from Ottawa, Ontario, known for competing mainly in Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 where they main R. Mika and King respectively, and also Dragon Ball FighterZBlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. 

Violent $piegz debuted the competitive fighting games scene at the Fight For The 6ix: Final Defense tournaments SFV event and has since participated in events such as MTLSF Underground Hype, Ultra Gonq Battles, Ultra Gonq BattleZ: II, Grand Capital Smash # 10, Frostfire 2019, Michigan M@sters 2019, Get On My Level 2019 Canadian Fighting Game Championships, DreamHack Montreal 2019, Clash at Esports Central I, Frostfire 2020, Downtown Rumble: Online Odyssey, and Frostfire 2021.

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