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DBFZ Team Composition: Guide

DBFZ Team Composition: Guide

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The article explains team positions— with pro examples. Learn how to build your team in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Many beginners to the team-based fighting sub-genre tend to use the straightforward approach of character selection from more traditional 1v1 games. You take a character you like the most story-wise or as a fighting archetype, and then you play them and improve your skills with them. This strategy is pretty effective indeed, but it is not sufficient for 3v3 fights.

The characters you choose for your team should have good synergy with each other. And they should be placed in proper team positions. Three random fighters will never give you the best result possible.

DBFZ in this regard is a classic team-based game. Sooner or later, every player reaches the moment when messing with random cool Dragon Ball characters totally stops working. Proper team building is needed to progress further. 

What are the team positions? From where to start building your team? What characters are the best for different team positions in the latest version of the game? This DBFZ guide on Team Composition gives all the necessary explanations and examples — to save you time and help you become even more successful in the fights.

Three Team Positions

When a fighting game allows you to take three characters in your team, they are called Point, Mid, and Anchor. This structure works for DBFZ, Skullgirls, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, etc. Yep, it’s nice to know more than just names of these team positions.


In a way, it’s your main character. Their animation will be in the intro before a match. And you start the action with this fighter.

Your point character shows direction for the whole team building in DBFZ, so it’s a good idea to start choosing from this position.

Someone with strong normals who can be effective without the meter is potentially a good Point. Accumulating the meter fast is also a very important feature.

Quite often, DBFZ Point characters are the most dependent on assists from teammates. Points are usually the worst at playing alone.


Your Mid character should be very helpful for your Point — with their assist. When a Point reaches the verge of their weaknesses, you call for the Mid’s assist to boost safety of your action or extend combos and thus deal bigger damage.

A great example of this is the synergy between Blue Gogeta and Vegito. Gogeta is a high risk / high reward character, and many players use Vegito’s A Assist (projectile shoots that cover a lot of space) to nullify risks and enjoy rewards.

Another significant role of your Mid is to be a substitute for Point. For example, when you decide to send your Point to the bench for restoring blue health.

It’s safe to say that a Mid character in a Dragon Ball FighterZ team is like a Point but with a strong assist and bigger meter dependence. Switching between Point and Mid is part of gameplan for many players.


In general, it’s a character you remain with if both others are dead. So, your Anchor should have super effective meter-dependent moves — to bring to the action all that potential Point and Mid have built. Your Anchor should be great in fighting alone, with no assist support. And their comeback potential should allow you to shine in clutch situations.

Also, it’s great for an Anchor to have a useful assist for both their teammates.

How to Build Your Team in DBFZ?

Now, when you know the theory, it’s time to take some practical steps.

There are different approaches to actual team building in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

  • Emotional — take the characters you enjoy in the anime.
  • Practical — choose someone from top tiers. We see such characters at various pro events.

In both cases, it’s better to start choosing from a Point character. Select someone you enjoy the most (even if your choice is limited to the top-tier fighterz). Get some practice with them to feel whether this fighting style is in tune with your preferences.

Then, you need to find a Mid and Anchor that have a good synergy with your Point. This is not a simple task for beginners, so following the path of pro players might be a good idea (we give some team examples further in this guide). With a decent amount of practice, you will feel how different characters work together.

And yeah, practice is a key factor for DBFZ team building. You need to figure out your own playing style to understand what Point is the best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover fresh aspects of the game.

Arguably the main rule is to compose a team that you like and feel comfortable with. Do not take a character just because of their assist or even the general synergy with your Point. Be ready to switch between characters at any moment of a match and still totally enjoy the fight.

Team Health Management

This is another pretty important aspect to pay attention to. The team positions are not strict. Having the Point-Mid-Anchor structure doesn’t mean you have to stuck to Point till their death. Taking someone else from your team is a good way to regain blue health. If you do so, it might seem that the whole structure is falling apart. Let it be so, but always control where your characters are and what role they play in the basic team composition.

Chaos during a match should be only an illusion for an observer. In a player’s mind, the team structure always remains controllable. And it’s another skill to develop with practice.

DBFZ Characters for Each Position

Dragon Ball FighterZ is flexible game, and it gives you substantial freedom in team building.

Up to a specific skill level, it’s not even very important to take a Point character to your Point position. There are no labels in the game — the division has been built by the community’s experience.

Still, using someone else’s knowledge for building your team is a good idea if you plan to delve deeper into the game and enjoy many wins in multiplayer matches.

Here are some characters for each team position. Sure, one character can be good for different positions.

Point Characters in DBFZ

  • Base Vegeta, Blue Gogeta, Zamasu, SS4 Gogeta, Teen Gohan, Beerus, Kid Buu, Lab Coat, Blue Goku, Captain Ginyu, Super Baby 2, Videl, Jiren

Mid Characters in DBFZ

  • Cell, Vegito, Lab Coat, Android 21, Broly, Beerus, Super Baby 2, UI Goku, Kefla, Hit, Frieza, Zamasu, Janemba, Base Vegeta, Android 16, Teen Gohan, Blue Goku, Captain Ginyu, Bardock, Goku Black

Anchor Characters in DBFZ

  • Janemba, Android 17, Hit, Lab Coat, Tien, Android 21, Krillin, Piccolo, Trunks, Adult Gohan, Goku Black, UI Goku, Beerus, Vegito

Examples of Team Composition in DBFZ

Let’s take a look at teams of pro players from various esports tournaments.

We can clearly see the strongest characters in the current meta:

  • Android 21 Lab Coat can take any position and lots of professionals have her on their teams (and she is arguably The Most Hated Character in Dragon Ball FighterZ).
  • Fusions are also everywhere. Blue Gogeta and Vegito make up one of the best Point/Mid synergy. Quite often, we can see SS4 Gogeta on Point instead.

And here are exact teams from various tournaments.

Point - Mid - Anchor

Blue Gogeta, Vegito, Android 17 — the community knows this team as Yasha’s team. The French player introduced it to the world, and he used it at many tournaments, such as East Coast Throwdown 2022, where Yasha won the Champion title. Some guys play this team as well (Wawa), but most others take only the Gogeta-Vegito core and add a different Anchor.

Blue Gogeta, Vegito, Lab Coat — it feels like this is the most popular DBFZ team at the moment. You can see Punk playing it, Inzem, Fenritti, GO1, Oblivion, Kite, and others. The Japanese players used this team to destroy their opponents at REV Major 2022, and they occupied Top 3 positions.

SS4 Gogeta, Vegito, Lab Coat — it’s an interesting alternative Fusion team, with the power of Super Saiyan 4. Inzem and Hikari played it at East Coast Throwdown 2022.

Some players switch between SS4 and Blue Gogeta in other teams with this Point/Mid core.

Blue Gogeta / SS4 Gogeta, Lab Coat, Tien — it’s a team composition by Kayne. The French guy played Blue Gogeta at Combo Breaker 2022. He took SS4 Gogeta to Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022 and won VSFighting X with such a team.

Some players are kind of conservative about their teams. They play the same characters throughout the seasons.

Base Vegeta, Cell, Janemba — it is a team of Shanks. The Spanish player uses it at various events, such as Combo Breaker 2022 and CEO 2022.

It’s also happens that players switch between Point and Mid characters depending on opponents.

Lab Coat, Teen Gohan, Android 21 / Teen Gohan, Lab Coat, Android 21LegendaryyPred used this trick at East Coast Throwdown 2022.

Lab Coat, Blue Goku, Android 21 / Blue Goku, Lab Coat, Android 21Nitro wins East Coast Throwdown 2022, whilst switching between Lab Coat and Bluku for Point/Mid.

Lab Coat, Hit, Janemba / Lab Coat, Janemba, HitWADE switched Mid and Anchor at different tournaments Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022 / VSFighting X.

And let’s just list other interesting DBFZ teams!

HookGangGod at Combo Breaker 2022 and CEO 2022 (where Lab Coat was banned):

Fenritti at the World Championship Finals:

OBAssassin at VSFighting X and Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022:

Coach Steve at Kumite in Tennessee 2022:

Ikoan at World Championship Finals:

Hi Kai at VSFighting X:

Noka at VSFighting X:

Gropis at VSFighting X:

Rules of DBFZ team composition are not strict — never forget that. You may experiment with various teams from esports events, and still find your unique choices more efficient and, most importantly, fun. As a fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ gives you many ways to express your style and personality. Team building is one of these ways.

If you only start playing the game, you might be interested in our DBFZ Beginner Guide — you need to learn a lot before delving into the team composition.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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