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DBFZ at UFA 2022: Float to Win

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DBFZ at UFA 2022: Float to Win
Pic Source: Dragon Ball FighterZ on Twitch
From the online competitive environment to victories at big offline fighting esports events

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a pretty dynamic circle of top players. Throughout the game's history, we saw how some legends leave this competition, but some other incredibly talented guys join the party. And this process continues even after a few years since the release. 

At UFA 2022, we could not see the DBFZ World Champion and the Winner of Evo 2022Wawa is enjoying Smash Ultimate at the moment. At the same time, Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022 has become thr new highest level for a recently online-mostly player.

Ok, I think this post gets too many spoilers before the actual stream. Let’s better watch the matches and only then discuss the UFA 2022 DBFZ Champion.

DBFZ at UFA 2022 | Stream

The vast DBFZ community has discovered the power of Zane thanks to his participation in the World Championship. He joined the best NA players through the online qualifiers and proved his mettle at the Regional Finals

Later, we saw Zane playing at Combo Breaker 2022 (he finished in Top 4) Evo 2022 (he reached Top 8). But in general, the guy couldn’t fully unleash the power of his incredible Zamasu and Beerus. Yep, this happened at UFA 2022.

Zane faced one of the strongest European players in the Winners Semi-Final — Yasha. And he won that match with impressive confidence.


In the Winners Final, Zane played against OBAssassin. And again, it was a clear victory.

The Grand Final turned out to be much tougher. WADE managed to win in the very last game and reset the bracket. But then, Zane proved once again that he is the best Zamasu and Beerus player in the DBFZ world.


Zane is DBFZ Champion at UFA 2022. Congratulations!

DBFZ Team Composition at UFA 2022

Black Shazam








Top Moments

Strike by the assassin — Hit KOs Vegito, and OBAssassin proceeds to the Winners Final.

Godly destruction — Zane wins game 1 vs Yasha.

“Yes, I can block…”

Beerus destroys Vegito.

Battle of Lab Coats.

2H to the Grand Final.

“Janemba? I don’t know her”

“Stop floating around!”

God of Destruction is dead, and this means the bracket reset.

“And they say you are the best character?” Zamasu defeats Lab Coat. Zane wins the tournament!

Do you want to improve your own skills with DBFZ characters? DashFight has quite a few pro guides! For example, here is a video on how to play Beerus. And guess who created it? Yep, the UFA 2022 DBFZ Champion himself, Zane.

Do you enjoy tourneys of a smaller scale? Then why not take a look at Dragon Ball FighterZ matches at King of the Stick?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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