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DBFZ at CEOtaku 2022: Super Saiyan Nitro Super Saiyan

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DBFZ at CEOtaku 2022: Super Saiyan Nitro Super Saiyan
Pic Source: FunkyP on Twitch
A well-deserved victory at an unexpectedly great event

To be honest, I was a bit cautious about this tournament. Somehow, the game settled in specific patterns of used characters and winning players. It seemed like the excitement of unpredictability started fading away from DBFZ.

But perhaps, that was my personal “aftertaste” from REV Major 2022, where three Japanese guys occupied three Top places while playing a totally identical team. 

In reality, the DBFZ tournament at CEOtaku 2022 turned out to be just great. Yes, we pretty much expected to see this guy as a winner. And yes, Nitro used two Android 21s in his team. At the same time, his way to victory wasn’t that straightforward. And Top 8 players used such unusual characters as Videl, Nappa, and Krillin.

Well, it seems like the future of DBFZ esports is pretty bright! Let’s watch the stream, check out the team composition, and enjoy some cool moments from the tourney.

DBFZ at CEOtaku 2022 | Top 8 Stream

Nitro entered the Top 8 part through the Losers brackets, and his first fight was against Punk, a legend of the Street Fighter universe. Nitro won 2:0, but the score doesn’t reflect the excitement of the match. For example, Nitro clutched with Android 21 — defeated the whole team of Punk.

The other matches of Nitro in Losers were also super interesting, with many spectacular moments. For example, Ksack was close to winning over Nitro. And Blueku of Nitro demonstrated a great 1v3 clutch in the match against Lucar.

Meanwhile, Drac had a pretty confident run in Winners.

The first Grand Final match was super close. Drac really had a chance to defeat Nitro, but his clutch with Lab Coat did not happen. And then, Nitro unleashed his full power in the Grand Final reset and won 3:0.

After some bitter 2nd places at Major events (such as at ECT 2022), Nitro really deserves this victory. Congratulations!

DBFZ Team Composition at CEOtaku 2022



Kali Mac






Some Cool Moments

SS4 vs Blue — who’s the best Gogeta in the match Inzem vs Drac?

Videl puts down Cooler in the match Lucar vs Ksack. They are two rare participants of the DBFZ pro events in the current meta.

Android 21 of Nitro defeats Blue Gogeta of Punk — after putting down two others in his team, Lab Coat and Vegito.

Power of Nappa! Kali Mac defeats Diablo without losing a character.

Nitro is a Master of Blue Goku. He gets damage from Lab Coat of Inzem but then wins anyway.

Videl fights Krillin? What are we looking at? She is still down, and Drac wins the Winners Final.

A super close match — Nitro barely survives in this fight vs Ksack.

Blueku of Nitro defeats three characters of Lucar.

No clutch for you, Lab Coat. Nitro defeats Drac and reset the Grand Final.

A decisive fight of Lab Coats. Nitro wins it and the whole tournament.

This tournament was part of the DBFZ World Tour 2022/2023. Next weekend brings us two other events — Lost Tech City 2022 (September 30 - October 2) and The MIXUP 2022 - Round 4 (October 1-2). Will you watch them?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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