WePlay Ultimate Fighting League - Season 1 Recap

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WePlay Ultimate Fighting League - Season 1 Recap
It’s so nice to take a look back and remember the best moments of this wonderful fighting esports event!

WUFL had a super-powerful start — Season 1 feels like an exciting adrenaline explosion in the fighting games community that attracted thousands of gamers to the streams and motivated so many people to try out the fighting games genre. Now those three tournaments are history, and we can treat ourselves to reviving the pleasant memories in this post.

Let’s start with a quick overview of some facts and numbers.

WUFL Season 1 - Geography of the participants

That’s impressive coverage. Especially considering the level of these players — WePlay UFL Season 1 had quite a few top-level participants

New York had the most representatives at the event.

WUFL Season 1 - Gangs of New York

Naturally, fights from the best pro players in the world gathered a big audience.

WUFL Season 1 - Most popular matches

If you followed the WUFL MK11 tourney, you couldn’t miss the hype around matches of MK_Azerbaijan. This guy entered the list of attendees almost at the last moment but surprised everyone with his energy and gained many new fans. That’s why his match against Sonicfox is the most popular.

Season 1 had other surprising legends. Myloes got many supporters during the group stage but couldn’t make it to the playoffs. Danielmado won the final match of the group stage against Super Akouma and thus delivered the Top 8 ticket also to Fergus — those tears are just unforgettable.

WUFL Season 1 - Group Stage Legends

WUFL Season 1 matches were so varied. Some of them proved the exceptional power of one player. Others were filled with back-and-forth situations.

WUFL Season 1 - Clean sweeps

WUFL Season 1 - Close series

You might not believe us, but some of the WUFL participants currently do not have contracts with esports organizations. Hey, teams and sponsors out there, don’t miss your chance!

WePlay UFL Statistics

If you like numbers, we have them for you. Here are some stats from escharts.com

WUFL Season 1 MK11 stats

  • 391,419 hours watched
  • 24,709 viewers an overall peak
  • 12,661 average viewers

WUFL Season 1 Soulcalibur VI stats

  • 60,183 hours watched
  • 3,933 viewers an overall peak
  • 2,144 average viewers

WUFL Season 1 Tekken 7 stats

  • 218,493 hours watched
  • 18,300 viewers an overall peak
  • 10,364 average viewers

WUFL Season 1 - Mortal Kombat 11 tournament recap

The MK11 part was the first at the event, and that was a mighty beginning! Just check out the list of the participants to feel the level of this competition.

The biggest favorite of the tournament, played on the first day, SonicFox. Everyone expected a great performance from them, and the result was quite predictable — 7 victories in 7 matches.

DashFight interview with Sonicfox

ArnKratos is significantly less known to the wider MK11 audience, but this young player has proven his skills in matches against many strong players. The analysts and commentators of WUFL Season 1 MK11 recommended keeping an eye on this guy, and they weren’t mistaken — ArnKratos took second place in Group A.

Three players in Group A had the same number of wins and losses, and only their stats for rounds determined those two who proceeded to the playoffs: Konqueror and A F0xy Grampa.

DashFight interview with A F0xy Grampa

Kombat had a good start at the Group Stage with three wins, but then he got bitter losses and couldn’t make it to Top 8. Those few lost rounds…

Here you can read our interview with Kombat.

The favorite of this group was the winner of WePlay Dragon Temple, Tekken Master. Unlike SonicFox, he had one loss to Hayatei.

Another player who reached Top 8 was Dragon.

DashFight interview with Dragon

MK_Azerbaijan was everyone’s hero. His style on the stage and emotions beyond the games created a special atmosphere of this day.

Please, take a look at our interview with MK_Azerbaijan.

Rewind looked pretty calmed during the group stage. With some lost matches, he also made it to the playoffs.

DashFight interview with Rewind

Day 3 - Pocket Team Clash

After the tense matches of the Group Stage, the players could have some fun. When there is no pleasure of fighting for the ultimate victory, professionals demonstrate very unusual styles and exceptional humor.

Please, enjoy the games on video. But if you are interested in the result, the team of Kombat and TheMightyUnjust defeated their opponents SonicFox and MK_Azerbaijan in the Grand Final.

Day 4 - Playoffs

The atmosphere changed on the final day of the event. $50k in the prize pool nicely motivated players to be serious in every match and do their best.

It turned out that the fight of that day was SonicFox vs Tekken Master. They played in the Winners Final, and Tekken Master won 3:1. After that, SonicFox had to defeat Rewind in the Losers Final and won two Grand Finals against Tekken Master to become the first champion of WePlay Ultimate FIghting League Season 1.

WUFL Season 1 - Soulcalibur VI tournament recap

This game is not as popular as other titles of Season 1, but still, Soulcalibur is full of spectacular fights, and it is very accessible for beginners - easy to start, hard to master. Pro players at the SCVI tournament proved the high level of mastery and drew the community's attention to their game.

The next guy who reached the playoffs was Skyll. He finished the day with five victories and two losses. Linkorz had the same result, but he was third due to the round difference.

TheKura made it to Top 8 with four victories and three losses.

This group was tough. For instance, it had Keev, the winner of EVO Japan 2019, and Yuttoto, the winner of EVO 2019,

AkeoPo was the first who got five victories and secured his playoff spot.

Woahhzz and Yuttoto had the same result and finished 2nd and 3rd. Woahhzz defeated Myloes, a fan-favorite player - and it seems like he broke many hearts.

The fourth player to reach the playoffs was Bluegod. He has an impressive record at big Soulcalibur events, and this time he again proved his skills.

Day 3 - Pocket Team Clash

For the showcase matches, the tournament organizers allowed players to use Inferno, a mega-powerful (and probably broken) character. Those matches were a lot of fun!

The team of Party Wolf and Pantocrator defeated Saiyne and Shen Chan in the Grand Final and won the Pocket Team Clash.

Many viewers expected to see Party Wold continuing his flawless run and destroying opponents. But in the Winners Semi-Final, he lost to Linkorz and then was eliminated from the tournament by Skyll in the Losers Semi-Final.

Yuttoto fell into the Losers Bracket after his first match against Linkorz, but then he won the Losers Quarter-Finals against AkeoPo and left the tournament only after the Loser Semi-Final against Skyll.

Woahhzz was one with a perfect run. He won all the matches, sent Linkorz to the Losers Final, and then defeated Skyll in the Grand Final. That was a tough match, but Setsuka of Woahhzz proved to be the best at WUFL Season 1 Soulcalibur VI.

The most popular characters at this tournament were:

WUFL Season 1 - Tekken 7 tournament recap

Like with the other WUFL Season 1 tournaments, you can see some of the biggest names from pro esports in the list of Tekken 7 participants.

Arslan Ash is definitely the biggest star of the show. He won such events as EVO Japan 2019 and Evo 2019. We had a chance to chat with this guy.

DashFight interview with Arslan Ash

This group had a few obvious favorites, and in general, the results met the expectations of fans and analysts. 

Arslan Ash won six matches, defeating the main competitors, Book, Saint, and Kirakira. His only loss is the group stage match against Caiper.

Saint finished with the same results as Arslan Ash. Yeah, he managed to defeat Caiper.

Kirakira and Caiper finished with five victories and two losses. That was enough to proceed to the playoffs.

The second group had many players of relatively equal strength, so the fights here were even tougher.

One of the favorites was JDCR. Check out our interview with this legendary player.

DashFight interview with JDCR

At the end of the Group Stage, JDCR had six victories and only one loss (to Jopelix).

DashFight interview with Jopelix

Awais Honey got five victories to guarantee a place in the playoffs.

Danielmado had the same result, but his run was filled with much stronger emotions. This young Italian player defeated Super Akouma in the last game, and thanks to that, he and Fergus made it to the playoffs.

DashFight interview with Fergus

DashFight interview with Super Akouma

Day 3 - Pocket Team Clash

This day of show matches was very unusual - the arena became a place of boxing fights, and the Tekken 7 teams played in their training room. 

Caiper and Awais Honey won this event with four victories and one loss.

The final part of the tournament was kind of a battle between the South Korean and Pakistani teams. Danielmado and Kirakira left the competition after the first tour. Caiper and Fergus were defeated in Round 2.

Awais Honey won the Losers Semi-Final against Saint and thus eliminated one of the Korean players.

Arslan Ash played against JDCR in the Winners Final and sent him to the Losers Bracket. Then Awais Honey eliminated this second Korean player.

The Grand Final was Pakistani - Arslan Ash vs Awais Honey. After a few successful rounds, Awais Honey just couldn't match the power of Arslan Ash, who became the third champion of WUFL Season 1.

A glance into the WUFL future

Season 1 was absolutely amazing, and the whole community expected to witness Season 2 very soon - someone even called the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League the beginning of a new era for FGC.

The reality turned out to be a bit more complicated. Around a month after the event, NetherRealm Studios and Bandai Namco decided to stop cooperating with WePlay.

We at DashFight hope for a fast resolution and a bright future for the Ultimate Fighting League.

Wow! However huge this post is, it just can’t convey all the excitement from WUFL Season 1. Watching those powerful flights gives us the itch to grab the controller and play fighting games right now. So, why not? See you on the fighting stages, guys!

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