WUFL MK11 Final Day Recap

Femi Famutimi
Mar 29 20216 min
WUFL MK11 Final Day Recap
We have a winner

It has been an exciting four day festival of Mortal Kombat 11 and we finally have a winner for the WUFL MK11 Season one. Below are the results that led up to a thrilling finale

Upper Bracket

SonicFox vs Rewind

Arnkratos vs MK_Azerbaijan

Konqueror vs Tekken Master

A F0xy Grampa vs Dragon

Lower Bracket

Rewind vs Arnkratos

Konqueror vs A F0xy Grampa

Winner's Semi-Final

SonicFox vs MK_Azerbaijan

Tekken Master vs Dragon

Loser's Quarter-Final

Konqueror vs MK_Azerbaijan

Dragon vs Rewind

Winner's Final

Tekken Master vs SonicFox

Loser's Semi-Final

Rewind vs MK_Azerbaijan

Loser's Final

SonicFox vs Rewind

Grand Final

Tekken Master vs SonicFox


What more could anyone ask for from a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament? Drama? Pop-offs? Close games? WUFL MK11 S1 had it all! The night started with eventual winner SonicFox nicking it from Rewind with a reverse sweep. Then birthday boy, MK_Azerbaijan, beat out fellow CIS pro player, Arnkratos to move on up. 

There were no real upsets since every player in the top 8 was so good. But, there was really no one who could match SonicFox...except Tekken Master. The Dragon Temple winner sent SonicFox to losers before facing defeat during the runback. This meant there was no revenge for 2016 and SonicFox was victorious once again.

Top matches of the night

Rewind v Arnkratos

You know those anime scenes where the protagonist is backed against the wall and is in danger of losing, but then gains some new 'form' or power and then proceeds to defeat the enemy? This match was exactly like that. Arnkratos who had had an impressive tournament so far was doing his thing with his Shang Tsung and keeping Rewind from making any progress with his Johnny Cage. Two games up and it looked like it would be the end of Rewind.

And then he picked Kano

This was a character we had seen in the pocket team klash and he was pretty impressive, but in top 8, what were the odds? Apparently very favorable as Rewind went on to steamroll Arnkratos pulling off a reverse sweep in the process. You had to feel sorry for the Russian as he had no answers for Rewind's endless pressure that kept him in the corner and forced him to change his Shang Tsung variation to a more zonal-based one. This did not help as Rewind simply piled on the pressure more, and got the victory.

Kano turned out to be a thorn in the flesh of many last night, and it was both parts revolting and glorious to witness. 

Dragon vs Tekken Master

Watching this match felt like watching Spiderman face-off against the Chameleon. Both players went for the Cetrion pick and while Dragon is considered as the Cetrion specialist, Tekken Master showed himself to be an excellent pretender. Perfectly planning teleportations, and carefully executing hit confirms, it soon became clear that Tekken Master was slowly getting under Dragon's skin. It was a very close set that went back and forth a lot, but in the end, Tekken Master sent Dragon into losers where he eventually lost to Rewind.

Tekken Master vs SonicFox

After sending SonicFox to losers, Tekken Master was on the hunt to make it two from two WePlay events. It also looked like he could do it with his defensive-minded Cetrion. The problem, however, is that SonicFox is just such a good player. The first set was so close with each player taking rounds from the other. Tekken Master manipulated space well and kept SonicFox at bay to the best of his ability. SonicFox, on the other hand, carefully timed his dashes and focused on walking Tekken Master into a corner where he then utilized Joker's insane corner pressure. 

It all came down to the last round. If Tekken Master won, he's have been champion, and a win for SonicFox would mean a reset. The two pummeled each other till they were both at the last pixel of health. It then became a game of careful pokes, smart movement, and waiting for a mistake. At the end of the day, Tekken Master blinked first and SonicFox won the set, forcing a reset in the process. But, at that point, it was clear that SonicFox had won. The look of frustration and defeat on Tekken Master's face was a harbinger of what was to come in the next set. SonicFox was totally dominant and dispatched Tekken Master 5-1

Tournament MVP

SonicFox is rightly regarded as the best MK11 player in the world and they showed their dominance once more. At this point, there is really no disputing it. But, the name on everyone's lips is MK_Azebaijan. Coming in as an unfancied player whom many didn't know (save for those who watched Dragon Temple) much about, he more than exceeded expectations. His ability with Sonya was astonishing at times and it has now made people wise to the CIS region when it comes to Mortal Kombat. It is hoped that the region gains more recognition and more tournaments after this


SonicFox came into the tournament as the overwhelming favorite, so it was no surprise that they won. The manner of the victory was also remarkable as they showed once again that they are the master of the clutch win. A 5-4 victory over Tekken Master reset the bracket before they went on to win 5-1. 

Therefore, SonicFox is the inaugural winner of the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League MK11 Season one! Congratulations to them!

To learn more about SonicFox, you can watch his DashFight exclusive video interview here, and don't forget to follow us on  Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.