• Jonathan Vo
  • USA

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Playing : 9+
Birthday : Dec 14, 1990 (30)
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Jonathan "Woahhzz" Vo is a SoulCalibur player from Pennsylvania, United States. Hailed as one of the best SoulCalibur players, Woahhzz has battled his way to multiple 1st place placements at Bud Light Beer League, and crowned the winner of Season 1 of WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Soul Calibur VI.

Woahhzz's other accolades include winning 4th place at EVO 2012 and EVO 2019, and top 8 finishes at Northeast Championship 19, Summer Jam XII, and Winter Brawl 12. His playstyle is remarkable for his fundamental prowess and reactions. It's not rare to see other people cite him as an example of what excellent defence, spacing and punishment look like.

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